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Mickie James wins the Career vs. Title at Hard to Kill

The Last Rodeo is over for Mickie James, but her career isn’t. Hardcore Country defeated Jordyn Grace in a career vs. title match to win the Knockouts Championship Hard to kill.

James was nervous earlier in the evening realizing her career could be over if she lost. Tara (aka Victoria in WWE) and Raven provided support.

James channeled her Native American heritage as she was flanked by the Mattaponi Drum & Dancers during her private entrance.

David Penzer handled the prelims for great fight feel. Rang the bell.

Respectful handshake to start. Grace jammed James around the ring. Tension mounted as James let out slaps. Grace countered with one powerful slap that dropped James to the mat.

Strength vs. Heart was the story of the match. Grace put a pounding on James, but Hardcore Country kept coming back for more. Whenever James scored offensive rallies, Grace would break her style. The action was also great with many counters of signature moves at pivotal moments. Overall, it was a very good wrestling match with the added drama of James’ career on the line.

Enjoy this example of Grace’s handiwork. Thicc Mama Pump performed a super fast installation process and then followed to move on to the jackhammer.

James nearly earns the victory by running away from the Grace Driver to counter Mick’s kick and final jumping DDT. Grace ejected, but the crowd thought it should have been a clean triple digit.

The match was not without controversy. Grace has a sleeper stand that’s securely attached to the mat. James clearly took advantage of it before flipping on top for a pinfall to escape the hold. The truth of the situation seemed to be James eavesdropping as a signal to ease the choke. Grace straightened her arm. But that wouldn’t fly in the world of professional wrestling storyline. James is caught on wiretap.

For the final sequence, Grace lifted James onto a firetruck and rammed her into turnbuckles. James slid free, so Grace lunged into the corner. James dropped low, and Grace hit the ring post. James was pounced by a DDT hurricane on 1, 2, 3.

James is now a five-time Knockout Champion. Hardcore Country celebrated with their family and friends in the ring to close the show.

How will you celebrate Mickie James winning the Knockout Championship?

Get full Hard to kill The results are here. PPV is available to stream through Fit TV.

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