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Mitchell Hooper, Shayna Wirihana Win 2023 Australia’s Strongest International

Mitchell Hooper continues to plug a big year in his young pro career. The athlete who burst onto the scene with an early blitz at the 2022 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) and subsequently became a dominant force on the major circuit seems poised to continue his climb to the top of the strongman summit. However, before he resumes his climb, the superstar recently traveled to the “land of the long weekend” for an important stop on his 2023 journey to become the best . She is accompanied by someone who will become the next elite strong woman.

On January 21, 2023, Hooper won the 2023 Australia’s Strongest International (ASI) competition in Yapeen, Australia. In a bout that featured a variety of elite strongmen and strongwomen such as Master’s deadlift World Record holder Rauno Heinla and 2018 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW) champion Andrea Thompson, respectively, Hooper probably stood tall as the headliner. New Zealand’s Shayna Wirihana won the strongwoman half of the 2023 ASI. Heinla (second place) and Fadi El Masri (third place) joined Canadian Hooper on the strongman podium. In contrast, Thompson (second place) and Megan Clark (third place) pushed aside Wirihana for strong women.

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Here are the final standings for the 2023 ASI contenders:

2023 Australia’s Strongest International | Final standings of Strongman

  1. Mitchell Hooper(Canada) — 31 points
  2. Rauno Heinla(Estonia) — 28 points
  3. Fadi El Masri (Australia) — 20 points
  4. Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Australia) — 18.5 points
  5. Tiano Faapoi(New Zealand) — 13 points
  6. Tyler Helm(Australia) — 13 points
  7. Sean Gillen(Australia) — 11.5 points

Here are the final standings for the strong women competing in the 2023 ASI:

2023 Australia’s Strongest International | Strongwoman Final standings

  1. Shayna Wirihana (New Zealand) — 28.5 points
  2. Andrea Thompson(Great Britain) — 26 points
  3. Megan Clark (Australia) — 24.5 points
  4. Donna Moore (Great Britain) — 24.5 points
  5. Nicole Genrich(Australia) — 13.5 points
  6. Joe Kimitaunga(Australia) — 11.5 points
  7. Camilla Fogagnolo(Australia) — 10.5 points

Hooper won four of the five events to seal his first career ASI title. With this decisive victory, the strongman is more or less where he left off in 2022, as Hooper has now won three of his last four bouts on a hot streak that also includes wins at the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals and the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic UK. Until now, per Strongman Archivesthe only competition that Hooper failed to reach the podium was when he got an eighth place result during the 2022 WSM Final.

Meanwhile, Wirihana has never won any of the 2023 ASI events yet achieved solid top-three results in each of them. Such consistency allowed the New Zealand competitor to eventually beat Thompson by a 2.5 point margin. This is Wirihana’s first win since winning the 2022 New Zealand’s Strongest Woman championship.

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Hooper has successfully become one of the most famous strongman names. All that is likely left for him to truly accomplish is to conquer his elite peers at the 2023 WSM on April 18-23, 2023, in Myrtle Beach, SC. For Wirihana, the strong woman may have just begun. After defeating a perennial WSW contender and gaining recognition among some of the world’s most elite strongmen, the 2023 ASI will be a fantastic next step on a path to greatness of his own.

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