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MLW Fusion recap: Jacob Fatu wins interpromotional dream match

MLW is in the dream-matching business, and they’ve presented a unique contest for episode 163 of MLW Fusion. Jacob Fatu was in the main event against DragonGate star Ben-K.

Alexander Hammerston sat on commentary. In the TV schedule, Fatu has a title shot in his pocket due to his victory in the Battle Riot. In the current life timeline, Hammerstone vs. Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship was announced at SuperFight on February 4 in Philadelphia. Fatu laid eyes on Hammer during the trash-talking contest.

Ben-K entered as a golden playboy. Although he was the younger man, he was not ashamed of Fatu. Ben-K actually rolled Fatu on a shoulder blade to knock him over.

Ben-K also had an impressive jackhammer suplex.

Fatu’s combination of superhuman strength and amazing agility was displayed in full display of the Arabian Moon’s double jump.

Later on, Fatu had more plans for something cool. He put an open chair next to the ropes. Fatu went for a springboard from the chair into the ropes, but the slide put the kibosh on that move. Although Fatu caught his knee in the fall, it didn’t seem to hold him back during the match.

In the end, Fatu and Ben K traded blows in the middle of the ring. Ben K ran onto the ropes, and Fatu was ready to land a stopping kick. Fatu took the moment of opportunity to drop a Samoan pop-up and a double tee for the win.

Afterwards, Fatu thanked Ben Ke for being a tough cat. Ben Qi replied gratefully. Fatu went on to talk about the Samoan Swat Team collecting gold in MLW. He plans to walk the dog with Hammerston around the yard when they return to Philly. The show concluded with a star-stud between the champion and the challenger.

Fatu and Ben K put up a good fight. Ben-K was new to me, and he competed as a star on par with Fatu. He has the looks with the golden flair, and he’s backed it up solidly in the ring. Ben-K left me wanting more matches against other MLW wrestlers. Fatu peaks against the top competition as he prepares to take on the tough challenge of climbing the muscle mountain. Hammerston vs. VT is worth the wait.

Trish Adora defeated Gia Scott to open the show. Scott had the aggressive advantage, while Adora hit the track with the submission hold. Scott blasted Adora with a jab. Scott talked trash, then the ropes ran into Adora’s vicious lariat. That was enough for Adora to secure the win.

Alec Price defeated TJ Crawford in a middleweight fight. Crawford controlled the flow with Price ready to rush in with his high octane attack. Price has turned the tide on a launching pad. He followed it up with a surprise kick to win.

The coolest highlight from that match was jumping ropes for a double jump.

Both matches were solid showcases. Adora must prepare for a future tournament against Taya Valkyrie. This rivalry can be great. I’d also like to see Taya wrestle Scott. Scott’s aggression would be interesting against the madness of La Wera Loca. Price and Crawford steamed with their things. Visually, they reminded me of Jordan Oliver and Davey Richards. A slender pilot and a burly technician.

In terms of news tip, Sam Adonis will be available soon on MLW TV. He was doing a strong rudo in his AAA feud with Psycho Clown.

Alicia Atout hosted a special MLW Insider Edition. Cesar Duran and Kurt Bauer discussed their differences to perform in Tijuana on February 10. MLW World Heavyweight Championship. This wasn’t mentioned on the show, but we now know that Hammerstone vs. Nduka will air February 7 in MLW’s debut on the REELZ Network.

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