You are currently viewing MLW premieres its new TV show tonight with a Last Man Standing title match

MLW premieres its new TV show tonight with a Last Man Standing title match

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MLW begins a new chapter on Tuesday night with a revival MLW Underground Premiere on REELZ.

MLW brings the big guns with Alexander Hammerstone defending the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against EJ Nduka at Last Man Standing as the main event of the evening.

This feud has been heating up over the past few months due to Nduka’s cheap ambush attacks. Tired of waiting for his chance, Nduka kicked in the door to claim the World Championship title. Hammerston isn’t one to hold back, so that match was made. Titan vs. Titan in Last Man Standing.

Hear the best Hummer promo from this story. Hammerman will teach Nduka a lesson about what it takes to be on top of the muscle mountain. How will Nduka respond when the going gets tough? (Ignore the date announced at the end of the video. Plans have obviously changed. The story justified it because Nduka keeps more money because of the Last Man Standing risk.)

The show will also feature Real1 NZO on the microphone with lyrics by Jacob Fatu, the New Age British Bulldogs at home, and Mance Warner looking for a fight. The Ole Mancer has come to drink light beer and kick ass, and everything has run out of beer.

MLW detection The official song to MLW Underground. Rock hard to, “Enemies With Benefits”, by Violent Idols.

MLW founder Kurt Bauer coined a letter For new and old fans who’ve been along for the ride.

Dear MLW fan,

It’s been over five years since we embarked on bringing back Major League Wrestling. During that time, we’ve introduced a new generation of wrestlers while showcasing talented talent that hasn’t been recognized and appreciated elsewhere.

Together, we’ve broken through barriers, broadcasting MLW in 60 countries and achieving amazing feats from live specials to new Boss Fight Studio characters to pay-per-views.

Along the way, you helped build the foundation of MLW by showing up and supporting us. Whether you watch us every week, come to our shows, spread the word on social media, buy your favorite MLW jersey, or tell a friend about us. You are the heart of MLW.

We’ve endured a lot together. From the pandemic to billionaires trying to cripple the hard work of so many in your league.

For five years MLW has been the best kept secret. our secret. All we need is the platform.

Now we have a platform with REELZ. Now we have a chance to show the world what Major League Wrestling, their roster and their fans are all about.

Tonight begins a new chapter for us.

Tonight, and every Tuesday at 10 p.m., MLW Underground will be on one of REELZ’s Top 25 Cable TV Networks.

This moment is about more than MLW. It’s an opportunity for wrestlers, fans and the sport of professional wrestling to challenge the status quo.

MLW Underground is the culmination of five years of blood, sweat, and tears for MLW wrestlers, staff, and crew, and we couldn’t be more excited to be here… watching it with you in REELZ in prime time across the country.

you are welcome in Underground! See you at ten o’clock tonight.


Bauer Court

The time is here for MLW to take the next step in their journey. MLW Underground Premieres Tuesday night (February 7) at 10 p.m. ET on REELZ. Get in the mood with the open air cooler.

with reviving MLW Underground-This is not men MLW Fusion It is sunset. fusion It will continue to air Thursdays on Pro Wrestling TV.

On last week’s episode of fusionDr. Dax brought pain to Vinny Pacifico for the win via Saito suplex. The Samoan Swat Team duo of Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i celebrated the tag team buffet in MLW, and now it’s time for gold. The SST was looking for a title shot, but the FBI (Full Blood Italians) interrupted them instead. Little Guido Maritato and Ray Jaz were defeated with a combination of a Samoan double drop from Finau and a flying spray from Anoa’i.

the fusion The main event saw Microman, Lince Dorado and La Estrella defeat Delirious, Azteca 31 and Mini Abismo Negro. Estrella had a fight with Dorado and bailed into the match. Dorado made the hot mark for Microman as he ran wild. Microman tags Dorado and then takes flight on Delirious and Abismo from the outside. Dorado finished the job with a shooting star tap to pin Azteca.

MLW Underground It airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on Rails. MLW Fusion Streams Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET Pro Wrestling TV and hits cable waves Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET on beIN SPORTS.

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