You are currently viewing MLW Underground recap: Hammerstone stands tall, NZO comes out cold at REELZ premiere

MLW Underground recap: Hammerstone stands tall, NZO comes out cold at REELZ premiere

MLW Underground on REELZ

Major League Wrestling debuted in REELZ with MLW Underground Cradle of fighting for past, present and future warriors. MLW featured Alexander Hammerston vs. EJ Nduka at Last Man Standing for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, Real1 NZO eating one batter after he shot his mouth, and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Coming to collect a family heirloom.

The main event of the evening was the MLW World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Alexander Hammerston defended the gold against EJ Nduka at Last Man Standing. Tim Barr helped provide the feel of the great fight with flourishing leadoffs. The rules were described as hitting the opponent until they could not get to their feet on the umpire’s ten count.

Nduka had a trick to start the match. The referee raised the title belt to signify the match. As soon as the opening bell rang, Nduka grabbed the belt from the referee’s hand to hit the Hammerstone in the head. Knock!

Hammerstone rose at the count of 6 and drove Nduka into a corner. Hammerman showed his strength early on with a pair of fast stalling slams. Hammerstone quilted Nduka clothes over the ropes falling from the ring.

Outside, Nduka took control using weapons. Kendo fingers hit and chair shots hit Hammerstone’s back. Nduka’s body slammed the hammer onto the stage with an emphasis on damaging the back.

Inside the ring, Nduka set up a plank on the open chairs. The Titans brawled, then Nduka planted a Hammerstone with a spine thorn through the pines. Hammerstone was breached, but managed to climb at 9 o’clock.

Nduka handcuffs Hammerstone around the ring post in an attempt to keep the champion down. Hammerman got out of his handcuffs to free him. Hammer time! Blood flowed through the veins to pump the Hammerston muscles for a muster attack. Hammerston tackled Nduka through a plank in the corner. Nduka was in danger of losing until he rose in the ninth.

Hammerston poured on the pain with a jumping pump hit and a nightmare pendulum finish. When the referee had run out for the ten count, Hammerstone piled the loot on top of Nduka’s prone body to make it more difficult to stand. That was enough to do the job. Nduka did not get up, and Hammerston was declared the winner to retain the MLW World Title.

MLW Underground on REELZ

Jacob Fatu started the show to announce his intent to cash in on the Battle Riot prize for a world title depicted in SuperFight. (The SuperFight event was taped on February 4 to be broadcast at a later date.) Real1 boycotted NZO claiming to be the legitimate winner of the Battle Riot. NZO shot him in the mouth with insults towards the dirty gloopy son of a bitch. NZO compared Fatu to a poor man’s Brikishi. Fatu had had enough, and security ran out to prevent the fight. NZO continued speaking loudly from a safe distance.

Fatu walked out, so NZO called him a coward. NZO came to fight. Enter Mance Warner. NZO talked about his special skills with his talent of chatter and gift of punch. He accepted the impromptu challenge shuffling his feet and shadow boxing in the ring. Warner stood in a fighting stance while Real1 floated around like a butterfly. When NZO went to sting like a bee, he hit a one-hitter off Ole Mancer. NZO came out cold, and the referee awarded the win to Warner.

MLW Underground on REELZ

NZO was furious after the commercial break he threw chairs in the ring and demanded a rematch. MLW has announced NZO vs. Warner in a Street Fight next week MLW Underground.

Alex Kane brings the Thrilla in Phila prizefight open challenge to REELZ. Wonder Jafar answered the call and was instantly destroyed by the Suplex Assassin. Kane’s fifth squash suplex sent AJ into a collision in the corner. The referee called for the bell when it was clear that Jafar had suffered physical harm from the beating. Kane added two more suplex sets after the match. Kane ran with his mouth for another opponent, so Davey Boy Smith Jr. arrived to retrieve the stolen opera cup for his family. An altercation broke out between the Bomaye Fight Club and the British New Age Bulldogs.

Also on the show, Lio Rush will soon return to MLW. Willie Mack vs. Calvin Tankman has been announced next week. Another victim has been found with the mysterious calling card story. This time it was Mads Kruger who came out from behind the scenes.

MLW embraces a variety of styles in the ring. Some weeks are technical wrestling, some weeks are freestyle wrestling, some weeks are street fights, etc. Premiere of a movie MLW Underground REELZ has been heavy on sports entertainment. It was basically two squash matches revolving around promotions and a Last Man Standing fight. Since this was the debut on a new network, I think the show should be viewed through the lens of trying to attract new fans. Overall, the program did well at showcasing Major League Wrestling’s big personalities to stir up feuds and touch on current storylines.

Alexander Hammerston and EJ Nduka delivered decent action at another permanent man entertainment main event. Running a hamarania in the wild is always a jolt of excitement. His nightmare pendulum is a joy to look at for bigger guys like Nduka. It was easy to see why Hammerston is the current man in MLW. The visual loot pile for the finish was a bit cheesy considering the lightweight was supposed to keep a man as strong as Nduka.

The opening segment gave face time to Jacob Fatu in an attempt to build anticipation for his showdown with Hammerston. NZO worked with his promotional style only as best he could. NZO fans will have smiles on their faces, and their haters will have the ammunition to fuel the hate. The Real1 was entertaining as a heat magnet, though some of its lines were repetitive. The knockout from Mance Warner was hilarious. NZO worked hard to piss off the crowd, which is why it was gratifying to see Ole Mancer shut his mouth in such an embarrassing manner. I’m thrilled that MLW will be delivering NZO vs. Warner next week. After this scene, the appetite is strong to see this alignment.

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