You are currently viewing New Japan show may end in the US… are they heading to ROH TV?

New Japan show may end in the US… are they heading to ROH TV?

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When tony khan finally gave us some answers about ROH TelevisionAnd The weekly TV/streaming show associated with the Ring of Honor brand he bought from Sinclair Broadcasting in early 2022 has hinted he’ll be able to tell us more about the relaunched show after New Japan Pro-Wrestling stakes its involvement. Wrestling Kingdom 17 It happened.

The main part of week 17 It’s on the books, and we haven’t heard anything official yet. But there are some interesting points to connect.

About Christmas, NJPW President Takami Obari chirp The show is the company’s headquarters in the United States strong It will be “rebuilt next year.” Now, Hiroshi Tanahashi writes His latest blog post that strong “Nemesis” will end today (January 7) in Hollywood.

HiFly: The official blog of Hiroshi Tanahashi

#NJPWSTRONG, which has been running for over two years, will end with this recording. It seems that overseas tournaments will be announced differently in the future. [Translation via Google]

strong It is mostly produced with talent based out of New Japan’s Los Angeles Dojo, and has its own events and set of tournaments. Debuting in August of 2020, it has often used talent that would likely be working in Japan had it not been for the pandemic – including AEW wrestlers like Wheeler Uta and Eddie Kingston.

Nothing has been confirmed but you can see why there is talent and angles that may have played their part strong It could be part of a reboot ROH Television.

It would make sense. In addition to their relationship with Khan & AEW, NJPW has been a longtime partner of ROH under two previous owners. While TK promised to dedicate less AEW television time to Ring of Honor storylines moving forward, some cross-promotion is likely. Any mention on TBS, TNT or AEW social media of new Japanese talent appearing on ROH TV would be a step up from New Japan having to promote a self produced show on its own.

For Khan & ROH, the chance to see the rising Young Lions and spin-off star from Japan could entice customers who have been on the fence about subscribing to the HonorClub streaming service (where ROH TV is supposed to debut early this year) to watch. The Briscoes, Brian Cage, or Athena.

While this should provide some answers about ROH Television And NJPW’s plans for America, will also raise a lot of potential questions and issues. What happens to strong addresses? Will the new Japanese talent interact with the ROH roster on a regular basis, or will they appear in stand-alone tournaments like the USA’s New Japan Cup? Is this how Mercedes Moné appears in a show produced by TK?

Before we worry too much about these things, we’d better wait and see if this speculation is true.

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