You are currently viewing New Year’s Eve may be getting closer to completing their mission in NXT

New Year’s Eve may be getting closer to completing their mission in NXT

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NXT returns tonightJanuary 10th) Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando!

Tonight is a special episode – NEW YEAR’S EVIL!

Every thematic episode and PLE comes along with the usual speculation about callbacks, and New Year’s Evil is no exception. It appears that several acts are in the pipeline to move to Raw or SmackDown in the first half of 2023. One that we find particularly interesting right now is Pretty Deadly.

Kit Wilson & Elton Prince emerged during the height of the British indie boom, and it’s clear that Time & Order Triple H & Shawn Michaels have an affinity for. They have held both NXT UK and NXT Tag Titles, and later dropping to a small team called The New Day (have you ever heard of them?). As they gear up to take on a challenge of opponents shooting for their belts from Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston, Pretty Deadly got a tryout on the house show circuit this past weekend — and sources told PWInsider They were impressed.

With main event appearances becoming routine for WWE developmental talent, experiencing a live event feels important. It also reminded me of this quote Kofi gave Sports Illustrated Shortly after New Day beat Prince & Wilson for the black and gold belts:

Pretty Deadly is so talented. And they’re going to be bigger than they are now. It’s all about getting experience and getting in there with seasoned superstars, and then spreading their wings to fly. Anything we can do to help with that, we’re here for it. We want them to thrive. That’s it. What we’re here for, and I look forward to mixing it up with them again.”

As with Dolph Ziggler’s feud with Bron Breaker last year, it appears New Day’s run in NXT is as much about helping develop WWE’s representation high as it is about the ratings. This could be prompted by whatever injury issue Woods is dealing with, but it appears he and Kingston & Woods are specifically tasked with auditioning the Pretty Deadly set as an out-of-the-ring performer. Their US run has mostly seen them show the comedic side of their characters. Teaming up with another obvious silly streak gave Elton & Kit a chance to prove they’re more than just “YES BOY!”

If I were a betting guy (I am sometimes, but I’ve never been into wrestling… until now), I’d bet Pretty Deadly would win tonight’s challenge. The other men’s teams in NXT are either busy tonight, or have some internal issues to work out. But it’s entirely possible that someone else could best them for a one-off shot at Kofi & X on revenge dayWe won’t even get a rematch stand and delivery. Schism’s Dyad is perhaps the most likely candidate in this scenario, based on Kingston’s one-on-one win over Joe Gacy last Tuesday.

It’s probably smart to delay things, since it’s “manic season,” and it’s not entirely clear where Pretty Deadly (or New Day) is on the main roster at the moment. But unless they drop the ball in the next few months, I expect to see Elton & Kit on Raw or SmackDown in 2023. I would bet on that.

The rest of the title scene

Breaker’s next test NXT Championship Running is another man on the cusp of bigger things – Grayson Waller. Bronn finally got the upper hand for the troublesome Aussie last week, and he’ll try to carry that momentum into the evil of the new year. It should be fun, even if we can’t help looking for the classic Breaker/Carmelo Hayes after The A Champ took action against Apollo Crews last week.

We’ll find out who gets the first shot NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez after tonight’s 20 Women Battle Royal. Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne & Cora Jade will probably get a shot at Perez at some point, but there are so many other wrestlers out there (Indi Hartwell, Zoey Stark, Isla Dawn…and that doesn’t even include Roxanne Roxanne), we could We see emerging victorious from this.

His two main rivals are on a collision course with each other, so Wes Lee will sit down with his North American address This week, watch Dijak & Tony D’Angelo battle it out.

We don’t know who the next competitors are, however NXT Women’s Championship Kayden Carter & Katana Chance might be interested to know who they are stalker Mystery Monitor is.

Other things to watch

• Returning to the themes of collision courses and future New Day adversaries, The Creeds finally managed to mix it up with Indus Sher tonight.

• I was so excited about Charlie Dempsey vs. Hank Walker, I thought it was last week, and I’ve already written a bunch of things about the story going on between Dempsey and Walker’s trainer Drew Gulak. This is supposed to happen in New Year’s Evil, so looks like you’re getting two previews this week!

• I’m going to need Oro Mensah and everyone else to start treating Big Body Tuesday with a little more respect.

What are you looking for in NXT tonight?

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