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NXT Recap & Reaction: The Calm Before Vengeance

revenge day Back home showing heel turn packs, friendly competition, slapping skinny guys.

Whew, it’s been a few days in the world of professional sports entertainment wrestling. This is the last NXT from before revenge dayso things get serious before you invade the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Claire has you covered with all the right details to print, while I parse, decode and disassemble.

Let’s talk about NXT!

try college

Chase U’s story fascinates me. I know I’m not the only one waiting for the other sneaker when it comes to Duke Hudson. And for the past two weeks, it has seemed as if that has finally happened. NXT Anonymous caught Duke saying hurtful things behind Andre Chase’s back.

JD McDonagh took pity on Duke for playing on a losing team. The Duke then walked out on Andre during a tag match! But it turned out that Duke requested a tag team championship match for him and Chase. The New Day accepted this request on the condition that Chase U defeat two other teams on NXT before revenge day. Sure, the sneaker falls here, right?

In another twist, at least for me, the answer is no! Chase U played The Dyad, Malik Blade and Edris Enofe in a fun and chaotic triple threat match. The Dyad, the only real heel, was often like the most well-oiled machine because that gave the baby a very big hitch.

Earlier in the match, Andre Chase found himself alone against The Dyad with no one to point to as Joe Gacy’s boys took everyone out. But even then, Hudson seemed like getting back on the apron was the last thing on his mind. which looked very shady. Perhaps that moment will come back to haunt Chase revenge daybut seemed irrelevant to this episode because of everything that followed.

Constantly improving, Idris and Malik got busy and took down The Dyad with high-risk maneuvers, tandem offense, and sheer force. Whenever a Dyad of some sort appears, Chase U gains power. I say it literally because Andre Chase called out the power of Hercules for a double powerbomb from the top rope that sent The Dyad and Enofe crumbling in the middle of the ring.

After Andre launched the Chase U division with a little push on call and response, the end started to look obvious but I wasn’t sold. But I knew Chase U was in the bag the moment Ava Raine got involved and Thea Hail said “no.” Thea is dynamite in a bottle and it’s crucial that someone finally warms up to Ava.

Duke and Andre take over from that point on, hitting the Fratenizer tandem, and getting their date with destiny at revenge day. The fact that the tandem moment came at the end of the match and when it mattered most tells the story of their partnership. I still don’t trust Duke. I think this whole thing blows up and these two go one-on-one at stand and deliverybut I hope I’m wrong.

Not because I’m fond of the story, but because I love any story to play against expectations and spoilers. Perhaps Duke was really holding back on the cause and the team. Perhaps this is a metaphor about not excluding change or allowing growth from people we have already associated as bad guys. All of this would be great.

However, Chase Yu who became the NXT Tag Team Champion looks right.


Strong wow

More often than not, we get word-defying matches. I know I can’t do them justice so I tell you to watch the match. Axiom vs. Tyler Bate is one of those matches. Stop what you are doing now and watch it. Two equally matched cats with different styles and a lot of respect between them. They wrestled in the name of friendly competition, much to Damon Kemp’s dismay.

And… nope, I don’t. Just watch the match and the clip provided above these words.

Skinny Men Slapping…

Cue Big E GIF. The Creed Bros. Squared Against Indus Sher…at last. And it didn’t disappoint me for the most part, but I wanted more time. And as far as it develops towards this match, and as far as the guys go, this really needs a big stage. Fortunately for us (or just me) the end is a meeting in the future.

The Creeds played the pace game while Veer Mahaan & Sanga slowed it all down. Their influence was massive but very methodical and often cut the episode in half, isolating Julius Creed from Brutus Creed as Julius took up most of the minutes. specified? Julius Powerbombing Ver. It was truly a spectacle and if you haven’t seen anything else from this match, make sure you do.

Jinder interfered, and Ivy Nile fell right in his face on the ring apron but apparently at the wrong time. Julius bumps into Ivy after Sanga reverses his Irish Whip. Julius sits up stunned after realizing he is hurting Ivy and Brutus immediately rushes to her side. That left his brother alone in the ring and Indus Sheer got the win thanks to a lariat followed by a mid choke.

What about Indy?

Indy Hartwell wrestled Zoe Stark this week and you know what? I have no idea what they’re doing with Indi. Every time it looks like it might get a boost and go on a roll, they pull it down to the ground. Zoe dominated this match. Sure, Indi got some stuff in and wasn’t varsity, but it’s hard to come away from this match with any impression other than Indi isn’t on Zoey’s level, at least in kayfabe. Sol Ruca bumped Zoey up in an Indi match after the match, which only turned up the heat between these two. Sol also appears to be taking Indi’s place in the NXT pick rank.

Welcome to the dark side

Isla Dawn and alba Fyre completed a spooky ritual together, completing her heel turn. I like both of them individually so I’m very curious how this story goes with them both on the same team. And, of course, how they manage the final breakup.

Live and live color

Two things stand out about the interview between Roxanne Perez and Toxic Attraction. First, Gigi broke ranks and let the cat out of the bag when she said “I” instead of “we” as it related to becoming the NXT Women’s Champion. And secondly, I loved when Roxanne realized the Toxic Attraction talk wasn’t going on. So, instead of going toe-to-toe with two people verbally, she let her fists do the talking for her. It is an indication of the match itself.

While Gigi and Jessie are busy congratulating themselves or competing with each other, she wants to fight. The moment made her look powerful, dominant, and smart. She emotionally manipulated Gigi and Jassi into thinking they screwed her up and hurt her feelings. Then she attacked when they least expected it.

Stevie is here!

Stevie Turner made her NXT debut against Danny Palmer. And it looked good in control with a mid-pump kick, a nice DDT, and side impacts that seemed very powerful. Stevie’s personality doesn’t exactly fit me, but it’s not boring and I love what I saw in the ring. Let’s get on with it.


Apollo Crews stood on the roof of Charlotte and spoke of his visions. One thing raised my eyebrows. Cruz said if Trek Williams was involved, he would be dealt with. Then someone appeared in the shadows long enough to catch my attention And Curious. The crew snapped at him as if he had seen a ghost. Well, looks like a surprise is coming revenge day.

If anyone knows who it is or has a great guess, please leave it in the comments.

Drew shortcuts

Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak put on a wrestling match. Which makes sense given the way both men present themselves. We got head locks, takedowns, submission holds, sleepers, and a lot of mat wrestling. It wasn’t like that. Gulak hit Dempsey with a pump kick as the match ended, but then found himself in a chicken wing.

With Hank Walker cheering for his mentor while standing near the ring, Gulak used Dempsey’s own momentum, and lunged Dempsey off the back, and right into Hank’s head. This provided Drew the hole he needed to get the schoolboy pin and win.

I really liked the game, but I didn’t like the ending. I get that it complements the story of Drew being a terrible teacher and this toxic relationship with Hank, but the quality of the match was worth a more meaningful and less costly ending.

justice served?

Throw in the question mark because the match between Dijak and Von Wagner feels like kryptonite. I’m not interested in those two, although I understand why Dijak would need a match before his North American Championship game. There is absolutely no argument here. I’m not sure if Von Wagner wrestler is the wisdom to do this. However, it is a good excuse to fight whales. But this wasn’t even the great battle of Horus! Dijak won while Wes Lee was sitting at the commentary table, but I didn’t care. There is just something that doesn’t connect with me about these big guys. However, i an act Like the fact that Wes pitted this match and both men played like fiddle. Shows his intelligence, adaptability and resourcefulness. Wes tried to sell Dijak as this huge threat before this impromptu match but I don’t buy it. The presentation does not convey this information to me, which means that it tells me a lot and does not show.

NXT seems to be on a similar wavelength when it comes to the Von Wagner character. Later in the episode, Robert Stone asks the Million Dollar Question: Who is Von Wagner? He’s big, growling, but that’s all he knows about the guy and all anyone knows. Stone wants to know who Wagner is and this is the only way he can get to the next level. If we don’t know who he is, we don’t care, and right now, Stone doesn’t care.

Stone followed it all up with the famous words of Jerry Maguire: Help me help you.

I thank you! Geez, that’s the only complaint I have about the guy. He’s boring as saucers and I don’t know anything about him, so it doesn’t matter what he does in the ring.

Who is hurting Mrs. Lyons?

Mackenzie Mitchell gave an update on Nikkita Lyons and then gave a thorough examination of the crime scene. Someone took out Nikita on the final episode of NXT. And nearly every woman in the locker room is a suspect or at least an eyewitness. I love whodunit puzzles and they give the entire locker room something to do. Zoe is the obvious suspect but I hope the reveal is bigger than that.

Few things really turned me on about this show. I didn’t find much to complain about either, but nothing to really impress me. Maybe it’s also just a punishment for expectations because the past few days have spoiled us as wrestling fans. Especially on Saturday.

I’m a lot more interested in the tag team championship match than I was a week ago, so that’s a plus.

b grade

This is my degree and I stick to it. Your turn.

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