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NXT Vengeance Day Preview and Predictions!

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WWE NXT brings its latest live show this weekend. revenge day It will feature five main matches, and much more. It will all begin on Saturday, February 4th at 8 PM Eastern from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, broadcast live on peacock Here in the US, and internationally on the WWE Network.

We’ll give you everything you need to get ready for tonight’s show, with a quick rundown of how we got to each match, and insights and predictions from our diverse crew of Cagesiders following NXT on each.

Let’s go to her.

Braun Breaker (c) vs. Grayson Waller in a Steel Cage match for the NXT Championship

Grayson Waller got a chance to take on long-time champ Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline PLE in December. Their match at last month’s New Year’s Ring of Evil ended in a countout due to a rope break, so Shawn Michaels booked them in a cage to ensure a decisive winner. Waller spent extra time physically and psychologically attacking Breaker every chance he got.

Gino Moscow: This has been the standard storyline he’s told with Breaker throughout his NXT run. He is the dominant hero who is tested, doubts himself, attacks his weaknesses and overcomes them. He will do the same here. Choose: Brown Breaker

Sean Reuter: Although I’ve been on the “Milo’s gotta be the one to take off Bronn” team for what seemed like a year, Waller’s performance on all fronts over the past month has changed my mind. He’s ready, time to see what else Bron can do (either on the main roster, or as part of a non-title feud in NXT), and Hayes can face when he challenges Grayson. The Australian’s reign doesn’t have to be long. He would fit in on Raw or SmackDown now. Pick: Grayson Waller

Claire Elizabeth: This is specifically designed for Bronn to win. The big guy feels a bit suspicious, he’s a bit unsure of himself, the boss is in his head, but the important thing is he can be in Breaker’s head all day and he’ll never be a threat. Choose: Brown Breaker

Marcus Benjamin: I came about this dispute. Mostly because of the characters involved and the way they clash. Grayson is an irritant that gets under the thick skin of Prune. But I still don’t buy into the idea of ​​Grayson threatening Bronn. They tried to sell the fact that Grayson almost got Bronn in their first match and Bronn realized he almost got it. Meh. They can keep talking about it but we know how this ends. Choose: Brown Breaker

Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Jessie Jayne for the NXT Women’s Championship

Roxanne Perez won the other Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline. Her title shot has been accelerated because Mandy Rose status. Then, at the show where Perez vs. Rose was supposed to take place, Mandy’s colleagues Toxic Attraction won a battle royal to become Roxanne’s first challenger. Gigi Dolin and Jase Jayne upset the feud for the champ at “The Summit,” and vowed to be on the same page on Vengeance Day.

Gino Moscow: It seems very clear that Dolin and Jayne won’t be able to get along and so they end up losing. So I’m going to go with a swerve and say Mandy Rose makes a surprising comeback, helps Toxic Attraction win, and they earn the title of Freebird. Choose: Gigi Dolin

Sean Reuter: WWE knows they could have something special in Perez, as evidenced by her already taking some insults during her Royal Rumble debut this past weekend. This is similar to Toxic’s NXT Swan song before they joined the main roster ranks after WrestleMania. Choose: Roxanne Perez

Claire Elizabeth: The story here and the hero are just sidebars at best. Perez takes the win, the Toxics brawl for a while longer, and either they head to an undercard singles match at Stand & Deliver this year, or they regroup and go for those tag titles. (Or both, knowing pro wrestling!) My girlfriend is also super into Roxanne After the Rumble, so… Choose: Roxanne Perez

Marcus Benjamin: I’m picking Roxanne here because she is Just She wins the belt and they clearly have big plans for her. But I have no idea how it will end. I really don’t want the predictable thing where Gigi and Jesse turn on each other. Especially since they already had everyone thinking they did. So how does Roxanne pull this off? This is the exciting and fun part. Choose: Roxanne Perez

Wes Lee (c) vs. Dijak for the NXT North American Championship

Dijak has been looming over this title scene since his return to NXT last fall. His “street justice” approach explained why he stopped Tony D’Angelo and Stacks from pulling Lee by the belt. This earned him the respect of a hero, and he paid off the title.

Gino Moscow: They’ve been squeezing Dijak with this new justice of everything and he’s a big bad guy who’s going to run between his enemies and it’s never really going to land on me. I think it’s vocabulary. Choose: Wes Lee

Sean Reuter: I’m not sure any of these guys are proving they can stand out in WWE through their entire career. But they both can go, and this should be a really interesting match. Choose: Wes Lee

Claire Elizabeth: I don’t know, I love Against All Odds singles champion Wes Lee, but I can’t help but think he might be more compelling in the pursuit of an unstoppable force like Dijak. And ol’ Donny could use a little better motivation than just walking around and lounging about Justice from behind the shadows of a mirror. Either way I expect to be entertained, though! Choose: Donovan Dijak

Marcus Benjamin: Just finish this. I finish this now. Choose: Wes Lee. Not the ’80s guy Dijak.

The New Day (c) vs. Pretty Deadly vs. gallus vs. Chase U for the NXT Tag Team Titles

The New Day came to NXT and became the WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Champions by defeating Pretty Deadly’s Elton Prince & Kit Wilson at the deadline. They’ve since spoken to the brand’s other teams about upping their game, so in addition to giving the former champions a rematch, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods also called out the winners of the New Year’s Eiffel Challenge match (Mark Coffey and Gallows’ Wolfgang, formerly of NXT UK) and New Day Invitational 4Way (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson of Chase U) for this dance.

Gino Moscow: The New Day will probably drop the titles here and Gallus might be the right pick in terms of who looks the strongest involved but I’m a sucker for Chase U, which is one of the few good things to come from the NXT 2.0 Era. Choose: Chase Yu

Sean Reuter: Maybe Hey Boys will wind up their time working with yutes in development. Looks like the boys who took the belts from them are gearing up for the next level themselves. The U is cool, but it’s not the time of year to put the tapes on comedy (and do we really trust Duke Hudson?). This leaves one option, and Shawn Michaels loves his guys and girls in the UK. Choose: Gallus

Claire Elizabeth: I guess this has to do with whether Kofi and Xavier are willing to run Mania in a double weekend, right? I’ll say no, with my fingers crossed for a new day as the stars of the rumored Cinnamon Toast Crunch match at WrestleMania, and I’ll book the surprisingly engaging Chase U drama as the NXT brand title story continues forward… Choose: Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson)

Marcus Benjamin: Keeping in mind Xavier’s health, and what he may or may not have been, I think New Day holds his own here. Why? Because there is a better place for them to lose stand and delivery. He who beats them there earns more than he beats them revenge day. Choose: Boys, … a new day

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs Fallon Henley & Keanna James for the NXT Women’s Championship.

After a long streak of playing bridesmaids in this scene, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter are now the longest reigning champions in the history of the belts. The next challenge comes from a God-fearing country girl and businesswoman who attempted to rob her family’s bar and appears to be hooking up with her cute but goofy friend.

Gino Moscow: This ended before it even began and everything about the story tells so. Choose: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Sean Reuter: “Could they cooperate?!?!” No, they can’t. Choose: Katana Chance and Cayden Carter

Claire Elizabeth: Yep, Henley and James are going to be a bit busy playing spit licks like two cats who haven’t learned they’re friends who haven’t yet won the tag titles. Choose: Katana Chance and Cayden Carter

Marcus Benjamin: Kayden & Katana already broke the record for the longest reigning Women’s Tag Team Championship. I don’t see them losing out to Fallon and Keiana, especially since those two have their own issues. Fallon does not trust Kiana and it is clear that Kiana is hiding something. This lack of confidence shows here and proves very costly when facing tag champions. Choose: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes in a 2-out-3 falls match

Apollo Crews came to NXT with (actual) visions of being the NXT Champion. This has yet to materialize, but it has put him in the path of another superstar who believes this title is his destiny. Their first heads-up was won by Carmelo Hayes, while Cruz came out on top in the tag match. In order to definitively prove who is the better guy, they agree to a 2 out of 3 falls condition.

Gino Moscow: If Crews eyes start to bleed, it might get hairy for the man not to miss. But there are levels to this game, folks. Choose: Carmelo Hayes

Sean Reuter: The crew would get one fall, possibly a heater to counter Williams’ trick. But NXT’s A Champ will soon be the NXT Champion, meaning he’ll be the one taking 66.67% of falls in this game. Choose: Carmelo Hayes

Claire Elizabeth: This will kick a lot of ass and launch Carmelo into the stratosphere, baby! Choose: Carmelo Hayes

Marcus Benjamin: I can’t wait for this. That’s all I have to say. Carmelo Hayes gets a W and moves on to Bron for the senior belt. Choose: Carmelo Hayes

Now give us your choices! Then join us Our live blog Tonight we’ll see how we all did.

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