Olympia Judge Breaks Down Why Hadi Choopan Won Mr. Olympia

There is little argument about Hadi Choopan winning the title of 2022 Mr. Olympia, but fans may be interested in what exactly put the Iranian over the top against former Olympia 212 Champion Derek Lunsford.

Terrick El Guindy is a judge in the IFBB Pro League, and he is the host of Prime Time Muscle and Olympia TV. He hosted a recent episode of the late show to explain why Choopan can now add his name to the list of 17 men who have held the biggest title in bodybuilding.

“He’s grown, that’s the first impression of all the judges – that he’s bigger than last year,” El Guindy said. “Also, Hadi Choopan showed the same conditioning that he has done for the last two years. He is now the best poser, and he poses with a lot of conditioning.

As for Lunsford, El Guindy explained that the only thing the runner-up needs to win the world championship in bodybuilding is the one thing he needs is more time.

“He’s bigger than when he was at 212, his conditioning is impeccable, he has a smaller waist than Hadi Choopan, and he can even beat Hadi Choopan in some poses. What Lunsford doesn’t have is deep cuts that come from muscle maturation,” he shared. “And yes, Hadi Choopan has

those deep wounds. (Lunsford) needs to get deeper cuts if he wants to compete with a competitor who has been training for decades.

El Guindy even offered some insight to the third place finisher, Nick Walker, who defeated two former Mr. Olympia winners of this match – Big Ramy and Brandon Curry.

“He’s an unstoppable force. He’s big, he’s conditioned, and he’s getting better and better and better. It looks like Nick Walker is going to win the Mr. Olympia someday…All Nick has to do is pose better, make his body look better to beat guys like Derek and Hadi.”

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