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Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight is looking forward to getting Mars back in the ring

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He was a constant presence on AEW’s Monday Night YouTube show Darkness: riseHe recently earned a new title for his role in the company’s community outreach department. But the internal renewal that Paul White (The Big Show of WWE’s FCCA) was hoping for after signing Tony Khan in 2021 did not materialize.

in Interview with Metro UK This week, I explain why. And we said we shouldn’t wait too long before we see him don the T-shirt and hit the goofs again.

The 51-year-old said he had “two injury setbacks” recently, including having a knee replaced last August. But the way ahead seems clear:

“That knee was bad for 12 years so it could have gone any day. It’s kind of like that tire on your car that you know you have to change but keep driving anyway. But we’re good now, hopefully we’ll be back.” To the ring in March. Everything is on schedule, so we are in good shape.

Getting back in the ring wasn’t the main reason for leaving WWE in AEW, but Wight says he wanted to work with younger talent and thought he’d get more opportunities to do so for TK. As for who wants to confront him upon his acquittal?

The newly crowned tag champions, The Gunns:

“They’re a couple of smart asses now. On the way I want to compete with them at least until I can knock them out. It has to happen… They’re incredibly athletic, and they have a bright future.”

The Daddy Ass/Big Show clash wasn’t quite what we dreamed of at some point a couple of years ago, but we’ll take it.

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