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Perotta Perotta turns her mouth and loses the first Impact match

Impact welcomed the new knockout to the mix. The woman formerly known as NXT’s Persia Pirotta arrived at the Impact Zone under the name Steph De Lander. She talked about a big game but failed to back it up on her debut.

De Lander was so confident in claiming that the Knockouts Division would tremble in their boots at the sight of the powerful Predator.

Too bad Jordyn Grace didn’t get the memo. She had no fear of de Lander. Grace fizzled it out with the newcomer. Juggernaut showed her strength by blocking the blow to deliver a reactionary hand. That stunned De Lander long enough to execute Grace in a German suplex. De Lander started, and the fight continued.

De Lander scored a snake-eyes attack in the corner and a big boot to mush. Grace lunged to grab the clothesline and hit the Grace driver for the victory. The designer was visually impressive due to the height difference.

De Lander should have figured out who paired her off of Impact for the first match. There’s no shame in losing to Grace, but de Lander didn’t help her cause by mouthing arrogance. De Lander had moments of control, however, and Grace was operating on a higher level. Back to the drawing board for the powerful predator.

Did you like Steve DeLander’s first appearance in Impact?

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