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Positive medical updates on Jay Briscoe’s Girls


Bo’s family friend, Josh Wharton, is back on Facebook directly Last night (Jan 20), sharing updates on the status of Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh’s daughters. 12-year-old Gracie and 9-year-old Gaylee were both seriously injured in a car accident that took the life of their father on Tuesday.

Fortunately, while “they have a long road to recovery,” Things seem to be moving in a positive direction for both girls:

  • Gracie reportedly had a rough night Thursday after Wharton’s first update on Pughs’ behalf, but she’s regained feeling in her lower extremities. Previously, she had not felt anything below her thighs other than some tingling sensation in her feet. Now making small movements with her legs, she was able to move around in a wheelchair for the first time since the accident. She also had her IV removed and will be receiving oral pain medication going forward.
  • JJ’s pain is “intermittent”, but she is still in her venous state and “spends most of her days sleeping”. She was put on a back brace, and also spent some time out of bed in a wheelchair. She is not eating or drinking on her own yet. But the medical team hopes to remove her feeding tube today.

Wharton said Gracie & JJ Gannon’s older brother, uncle Mark, and grandfather Mike (aka “Papa Briscoe”) visited the girls for the first time on Friday.

Online fundraiser for Pughs, which will help cover medical costs, remains open despite exceeding its target. For anyone uncomfortable with donating online, checks made for the “Pugh Family Benefit” can be sent to Delmarva Bank (2245 Northwood Dr, Salisbury, MD 21801). A number of other fundraisers will take place in the community, with T-shirts and posters for sale.

Condolences and wellness cards for the family can be sent via Laurel High School (1133 S Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956).

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