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Powerlifter Jimmy Kolb Logs 612.5-Kilogram (1,350.3-Pound) Bench Press World Record

When it comes to some of the most powerful lifts in recorded history, powerlifter Jimmy Kolb stands alone. On February 4, 2023, during the 2023 International Powerlifting Association (IPA) Hillbilly Havoc in Hurricane, WV, Kolb landed a 612.5-kilogram (1,350.3-pound) bench press. The mark is an all-time World Record and officially the heaviest lift achieved in a sanctioned competition.. According to Open Powerlifting, Kolb surpassed his own previous World Record of 598.7 kilograms (1,320 pounds) from the 2022 IPA State Championships. The equipment press also the first lift of 600 kilograms in any powerlifting division or category always.

In addition to sporting a matching wrist band and a lifting belt during his big feat, Kolb used a bench press shirt. The special equipment provides an athlete with assistance in taking their weight off their chest while also “resisting” as the weight descends onto the athlete. Kolb competed in the 140-plus-kilogram weight class, which he has maintained since January 2021, weighing in at an official 147.8 kilograms (326 pounds) for the latest record-setting contest.

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The video of Kolb’s massive lift has several spotters on hand, giving him much-needed support. The athlete lowered his loaded barbell to his chest and struggled into position, fighting against the durable bench press shirt, before receiving the judge’s order to lift. There was a measure of a strain for Kolb, but he successfully locked the rep in the end. Once in the lockout position, the athlete holds the weight steady before the official allows him to rack it again.

In the same video post, Kolb’s pride in logging his record achievement can be seen as he displays his official scorecard with a smile.

“Today is a good day.”

Before Kolb’s new bench press feat, Nathan Baptist was the closest athlete to the 600-kilogram barrier in any lift, per Open Powerlifting. Baptist successfully squatted 594.7 kilograms (1,311.7 pounds) for the 140-kilogram-plus World Record at the 2021 United Powerlifting Association’s (UPA) Utah Kickoff.

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Notably, Kolb primarily participates in bench-press-only meetings. Kolb has won his last nine bouts dating back to February 2020, only one of which is the full-power meet of the 2022 IPA 814 Strength Spectacular. Finally, in a relatively productive career that began in April 2009, Kolb fell just short of the first result eight times.

Now, as he looks at another legendary score, Kolb realizes all his hard work has led him to make history again.

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