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Product highlight – Curcumin Gold

Providing products that can make a difference in your health is the most important thing to us here at Purality Health. This is why we go to great lengths to not only make sure that the nutrients and compounds in our products can actually be absorbed by your body via our micelle liposomal formula, but we carefully craft formulations that deliver optimal benefits.

Micelle Liposomal Curcumin Gold is one such finely tuned product. In today’s blog, you’ll learn why it’s one of our most popular formulas and how it’s been helping people for years.

So keep reading to learn about Purality Health’s fourth product, Curcumin Gold.

What is curcumin?

Before we get started, you may be wondering what curcumin is anyway.

Curcumin is a powerful compound derived from the ancient root of turmeric. Although turmeric contains many compounds and nutrients, curcumin is believed to be responsible for most of turmeric’s benefits, especially when it comes to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Curcumin is a highly researched compound, with new studies published each year. Research has shown that curcumin can be beneficial for managing pain, conditions like arthritis, depression and anxiety, cognition, heart health, and more.

In fact, some studies have found it to be just as beneficial as some over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

But despite its amazing health benefits, curcumin is known to be difficult for the body to absorb. Some companies have dealt with this by adding piperine – a black pepper extract – as this has been shown to increase bioavailability. However, piperine works by interfering with the liver’s ability to filter out the compounds (As it normally does with curcumin). But this can allow other compounds to enter the body, such as toxic chemicals. Piperine can also increase the strength of any medication you take.

Here at Purality Health, we wanted to create a curcumin supplement that your body could absorb without Interfering with the absorption of anything else. And thanks to our micelle liposomal formula, we did just that.

Curcumin Gold

As mentioned above, we wanted to be able to provide curcumin in a highly absorbable form. But we also wanted it to come with an all-natural formula, which means no fillers or ingredients that could cause any harm from eating it every day. To take it even further, we wanted to include other beneficial ingredients in the formulation that complement curcumin, while also making it free of gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, and other common allergens so that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The result was curcumin gold.

In addition to curcumin, here are the key ingredients you get with Curcumin Gold:

Algae DHA (omega-3 fatty acid)

DHA is a vital component for every cell in your body. It has been shown in studies to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, and to significantly reduce joint pain in people with rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, it is essential for brain development and function, is important for your eyes, and may reduce several risk factors for heart disease. In Curcumin Gold, you get your DHA in the form of algae – which means it’s vegan-friendly!

ginger oil

Ginger is another powerful anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to provide relief to those suffering from osteoarthritis and to reduce oxidative stress in the body. It is also good for digestion, and can help support weight loss, promote brain health, and protect the heart. To increase the anti-inflammatory effects and complement the benefits of curcumin, you get a highly absorbable dose of ginger oil every time you take Curcumin Gold!

Vitamin E

An essential nutrient, Vitamin E provides additional antioxidant support. Vitamin E also helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, while strengthening the body’s natural defense against disease and infection.

What do people say?

We put a lot of effort into our Curcumin Gold formula and are happy to say…

It paid off.

We have nearly 200 amazing reviews of Curcumin Gold on our site, and that doesn’t include people who frequently email or call us to talk about how we can help them.

Just look what people are saying:















And these are just six of the nearly 200 reviews on our website!

When curcumin can actually be absorbed into your system and used by your body, the results are as clear as day.

Money back guarantee

The last thing we do with Curcumin Gold (and all of our products) is offer a 180-day guarantee. This means you have six months to try Curcumin Gold. Within that time, your order can be returned for a full refund any Reason, no questions asked.

This return policy includes opened, used and even empty bottles.

We want to make sure that Curcumin Gold is right for you.

If you want to try it risk free for 6 months – plus see how you can save 25% today – All you have to do is click here.

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