You are currently viewing Randy Orton looks great, but there’s no update yet on his return to WWE

Randy Orton looks great, but there’s no update yet on his return to WWE

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Shortly after he and Matt Riddle dropped the Raw Tag Team Championship to The Usos in May of last year, WWE wrote Randy Orton off TV.

In the months that followed, we heard that the 14-time WWE World Champion was dealing with a major back injury. Eventually it emerged that he had undergone surgery to treat it, and there was concern within the company about his future.

This past weekend, a photo of the 42-year-old Orton surfaced online. It was one of several visits that Randy and his family made to Bonn CenterInc., an organization located in his native state of Missouri, whose mission is to “inspire, support, and challenge people with disabilities in personal growth and development through a continuum of innovative employment opportunities.”

And he’s so cool all around. But, of course, as professional wrestling fans, one of our first thoughts was, “The Viper look JACKED!”

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Such thoughts lead to speculation that Orton may be preparing to return to WWE. update from this week Wrestling Newsletter We weren’t deterred by these notions, but Dave Meltzer hasn’t heard anything to suggest WWE is planning Randy’s return.

We haven’t heard a wrestling update on him lately, but his back injuries were pretty serious and a few months ago there was concern as to whether he’d be able to come back, or at best, it would be a long time, which he did. He was.

oh well. We’re happy Orton seems to be feeling happy and enjoying life. However, we’ll still wonder about his future in the squared circle.

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