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Report: AEW and Young Bucks ‘Not Close to a Deal’

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A rumor surfaced yesterday about AEW’s ongoing negotiations with The Young Bucks regarding new contracts.

employment Observer Wrestling RadioDave Meltzer said the two sides are not close to an agreement. In most cases, this may be due to a disagreement over money or the term of the contract. However, in this case, it’s because the rumored negotiations haven’t actually started yet.

Here’s the discussion Meltzer had on the topic with his co-host, Brian Alvarez, in response to the idea that negotiations are under way:

Alvarez: “I wouldn’t say there’s absolutely nothing to it, but they’re not in negotiations at all right now.”

Meltzer: “Their contract expired at the end of the year, and AEW wants to lock them up.”

Alvarez: “It is a given that they have to negotiate at some point, but this is literally where it is now. It is an acknowledgment that we have to negotiate at some point.”

Meltzer: “AEW has contacted them and wants to start negotiations. But there have been no negotiations as of today, and they are definitely not close to a deal… They want to keep these guys, and [Kenny] Omega as well.

Meltzer: They haven’t started negotiations yet. But AEW contacted them saying they wanted to sign them to a new multi-year deal.”

At least for now, it appears that Tony Khan is all in on The Elite for being a part of AEW’s present and future, to the point that the promotion’s star CM Punk may be on his way out of the company due to their fight backstage at Everyone out. Once those negotiations begin, it probably won’t be too difficult for the Bucks and Omega to agree to the new terms.

Do you think there’s any chance The Elite will follow in Cody Rhodes’ footsteps and leave AEW when their current deals, Cagesiders, expire?

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