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Report: Nick Khan “buffer made things smooth” between Vince and Triple H, Steve

One of the most prominent theories about what happened behind the scenes in WWE over the past seven months (and may have been playing for much longer, unbeknownst to the general public) is that Stephanie McMahon and her husband, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, tried to wrest control of the family business from her father, Vince. And it looks, at least at this point, as if the coup has failed.

You don’t have to read Barbarians at the gate in business school to put together the puzzle pieces of this hypothesis. It’s a cliché remark at this point, but watch Succession Maybe primer would be better, anyway (or maybe Development stopped It would be more appropriate, but you get the joke that’s often made).

Stephanie took a leave of absence in May of 2022. Then, anonymous sources within the company misrepresented her performance as brand president — negative reviews that contradicted everything we’d heard about her up to that point. Two months later, news of Vince’s unofficial payments to silence stories and accusations about his sexuality arrived. The Wall Street Journal. Quickly, his daughter came back, and Vince walked out. But the elder McMahon’s “retirement” didn’t last even six months. Days after his return, Stephanie leaves the company again. This time, there is no indication that she will return.

Since her resignation on Tuesday, January 10th, we’ve heard a few things that support this theory. Five other board members, who the evidence indicates oppose Vince’s return, precede Steve walking out the door. A report says she & Levesque disputed Vince’s stated reason for returning to the company – selling WWE.

right Now, the newest Wrestling Newsletter He claims that Stephanie and Vince did not work well together. While she’s gone, there seems to be trouble between Vince and Triple H. Dave Meltzer writes about those dynamics while addressing what he’s hearing about Steph’s publicly stated reason for Steph’s recent exodus (that she wants to spend more time with her family, and is only back to help steer the ship through her father’s scandal). :

But that doesn’t explain why it was a resignation, leaving the board of directors and severing all ties with the company she had worked for since she was a teenager. It was also acknowledged that she and Vince had issues working together as family and how Khan has been a buffer keeping things smooth between them as well as between Vince and Levesque.”

In and of itself, it is not evidence of palace intrigue. It certainly doesn’t help explain current CEO Nick Khan’s role in a potential pro wrestling version game of thrones.

But if you apply it Old Baltimore proverbCome on King, you better not miss What do we see happening in WWE corporate offices and the boardroom?

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