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Report: Visa Issues ‘It’s All Wrestling Right Now’

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Ray Phoenix and The Pentagon haven’t wrestled in the United States since dropping the AEW World Trios Titles to The Elite on January 11 in Los Angeles.

A return to AEW programming for the Lucha Bros would have made a lot of sense on last night’s (February 8th) episode of dynamite in El Paso, Texas, but were not seen anywhere during their recordings dynamiteAnd frenzyAnd Darkness: rise.

Observer Wrestling RadioDave Meltzer says visa problems are the reason for their absence, and it’s currently a pervasive problem in wrestling:

“A lot of people have grown up, What happened to the Pentagon, Phoenix and Bandido?”

“There are visa issues, and it’s all with wrestling now. WWE finally cleared it up. They brought back Dragunov and [Meiko] Satomura returns. But a lot of these people have problems coming in.”

“Here you are in El Paso, Texas…Bandido, Ray Phoenix and The Pentagon would have ended up going crazy on this show. They weren’t even on the card.”

“I think the Pentagon would have been the most watched guy on the show had he been available for the show.”

This comes on the heels of a report from last month that Kenny Omega missed back-to-back AEW tapings due to his visa issues, and the situation nearly caused Match 7 between The Elite and Triangle of Death to be postponed.

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