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Report: WarnerMedia bans AEW from doing a ‘major tribute’ to Jay Briscoe


After we learned of the news of Jay Briscoe’s tragic death in a car accident on Tuesday, many wrestling fans were curious as to how far AEW would be. dynamite He’ll be going in honor of the Ring of Honor legend on Wednesday night (January 18).

The answer was… not long at all. There was an opening graphic acknowledging his death, as well as several wrestlers wearing armbands intended for Briscoe during their matches. Tony Khan’s crew taped a special (spoilers available here) for Jay after the televised taping wrapped, which will eventually air on the Honor Club and ROH’s YouTube channel.

There is a reason why AEW dynamite It did not include Priscoe’s larger tribute. for every Observer Wrestling Radio Dave Meltzer’s WarnerMedia won’t let that happen:

“[The Briscoes] It was signed by Tony Khan, who couldn’t get it on TV. If you watch [AEW Dynamite] And you were expecting something, which I know a lot of people were, something like The Brodie Lee Show, and that obviously didn’t happen… There wasn’t any kind of big tribute because WarnerMedia wouldn’t let them do one.”

So they filmed a one hour show in Fresno tonight that will be on the Honor Club. They will do another tribute show that will be the first, when they finally do Ring of Honor TV, the first show will feature a lot of Jay matches. And the tribute show [taped on Jan. 18] So will when it’s all put together. I’m not sure what day it will be, but there will be another day.”

And then Supercard of HonorThere will also be some kind of memorial to Jay in this show, or something to honor Jay V Supercard of Honor Showing in Los Angeles in late March”.

Meltzer’s claim aligns with rumors earlier this year that WarnerMedia would not allow AEW to air The Briscoes on television due to Jay Briscoe’s past homophobic tweets. Briscoe issued multiple apologies for those tweets. Meltzer adds that everyone in wrestling believes Briscoe was genuinely remorseful about his behavior and took the time and effort to learn from his mistakes.

Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for WarnerMedia, the same company that aired the first episode of Dana White’s Power Slap show on TBS right after dynamite Off the air, though, Wyatt slapped his wife in public recently.

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