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Rick Boggs’ massive comeback is just around the corner


Rick Boggs is the gift that keeps on giving. The muscular man routinely brings the fun to social media with videos of grunting, lunging, and swelling in the weight room. It pushes more than that for the purpose of this post, but it’s also relevant to wrestling causes.

Boogs succumbed to injury at WrestleMania 38 When he tore his quadriceps patella, it required surgical repair. Boogs is taken away on the Train of Pain on April 2, 2022.

Boogs prepares the world for his massive comeback with a little motivational music rocky. Get strong now, it won’t be long now, Boogs will fly.

Boogs fly with courage, strength and glory. He works to be the best as a champion of the strong. Come watch Boogs lift heavy weights and walk his dogs, stay for the great lyrics.

Boogs build up to a full horsepower, so the next step is to get stripped. He’s gone a long way with another Rocky Balboa-inspired montage.

If you don’t feel like watching all of those videos, here’s the condensed version of The Boogs Return.

Since the Royal Rumble season is a time for surprises, stay tuned for the Boogs’ epic return on January 28th. While that doesn’t guarantee Boogs will be there, let’s hope for the best. The world needs it.


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