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Robby Suho got a win, but she didn’t pick a side in AEW’s women’s war


AEW has been building a big storyline in the women’s division, pitting “Originals” (or wrestlers without a track record with a major company outside of AEW) Dr. Brett Baker and World Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter against former WWE talents like Saraya and Toni Storm.

Although she’s technically in the latter camp, Robby Suho has been cast as a wrestler stuck between the two sides. One of AEW’s biggest selling points was the Baker/Storm/Soho Triple Threat main event on February 15. dynamite.

In case you weren’t clear on who the heel is, Saraya & Toni ripped a “fan” off her seat at Laredo Sames Auto Arena and tried to spray their signature L-shape on it. She was saved when Rancid hit her loudspeakers.

Who will Robbie choose? The angle push continued throughout the match, which was usually played as triple threats do. Saraya and Hayter have both been involved on multiple occasions, and seeing that Suho showed no signs of picking a side, Britt & Toni slapped her on it at the same time.

The mean girls of WWE tried to put an “L” on Baker’s face across Storm’s backside, but it didn’t work. It also leads to Suho stealing a pin from the dentist.

In the end, you didn’t choose Ruby. But as Three Canadian wise men once told us“,” If you choose not to make the decision, you can still choose.

Let us know what you’ve decided on this corner, Cagesiders.

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