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Rocky Romero wins the CMLL title and plans to defend it in NJPW, AEW and ROH

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Azucar! Shimmy shimmy oh shimmy shimmy yo.

Rocky Romero won the CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship from rival Volador Jr. in the CMLL World Championship. This title was previously known as the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. Romero showed who the father was by ending Volador Jr.’s reign of 1,631 days.

The rivalry between Romero and Volador Jr. dates back to 2003. Romero’s debut in CMLL was a three-way action against Volador Jr. that sparked when they met in the final of the CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship to crown the inaugural titleholder. Romero took the gold home with an armbar flying off the turnbuckles.

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After Volador Jr.’s team won three-way matches over the next few months in 2003, the two competitors would not be in-ring together until 2019 in NJPW. Volador Jr. was victorious again. Romero finally returned to CMLL in 2022 for the International Grand Prix. Volador Jr. was He is the sole survivor to win this contest, pinning Romero along the way. Romero regained some bragging rights by teaming with Mistico to defeat Volador Jr. in the final round. and Lince Dorado to win the Copa Bicentenario tournament.

Despite mixed results throughout their career, Romero never forgot that he had won his only singles match since 2003. Romero took it upon himself to constantly remind his opponent with dirty talk that he was Volador Jr.’s father inside the ring.

Tensions exploded last week. CMLL paired Romero with Volador Jr. for the title. Together against Mistico and Averno. The partnership heated up when Romero landed a Top Con Giro match on Volador Jr. from the outside after Místico evaded him as a target. With Volador Jr. down, Romero fought the odds to trap Averno in an arm’s length. Volador Jr. returned to the ring to take down Romero’s penalty, and the two brawled despite being partners in this match. This resulted in him losing the contest outright.

In the aftermath, Volador Jr. challenged Romero to a match to end the evening. These flimsy challenges often occur at the end of CMLL shows with a hen appearance. Surprisingly, that was not the case this time. The commissioner agreed, and the crowd was given an extra match.

Romero sealed the win by pushing Volador Jr. into the referee, hitting him with a low blow, and rolling his opponent to the three count. Then Romero asked for a shot at Volador Jr.’s championship. Volador Jr. agreed on one condition. If Volador Jr. wins, Romero gives him a hair vs. hair match.

Enjoy the highlights from that competition last week.

The CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship match took place on Friday night (January 20) from La Arena Coliseo in Mexico City. obligatory to Technical difficulties With Ticketmaster’s live broadcast CMLL decided to make the full show freely available to everyone on YouTube.

Romero vs. Volador, Jr. was the main event of the evening. One fall without time limit. Lend Magnus the hero. The Challenger had an Oraculo as a backup. luchadores fought for over twenty minutes. They worked at a slower pace with sure movements to work on the audience. The high spot was Romero who was holding off Volador Jr. for the lead. From the barrier to the ground.

Down the stretch, Romero arrived with super sliced ​​bread. The expulsion of Volador Jr. is on the cover. Romero arrogantly stepped into the corner giving Volador Jr. time to recover. Volador Jr. was raised for Spanish Flying. Romero kicked the cover. Romero is back for a back-to-belly river surfer. Knocked out by Volador Jr. Romero worked an arm, but Volador Jr. pounded his way free. Volador Jr. executed a devastating Mexican, but his ultimate goal couldn’t keep Romero tumbling into the count.

Volador Jr. climbed high into the corner. Romero jumped up a flying arm bar flipping to the mat. Volador Jr. succeeded in defeat. Romero was the new champion using the same arm movement he used 20 years ago. CMLL commentary confirmed that Romero is indeed Volador Jr.’s father in the ring.

Romero rubbed his win with a promo after the match. He announced himself as the new face of CMLL and pressed his infant Volador Jr. into the cheeks. When asked about poetry vs. poetry, Romero exclaims, “No! No! Never!” He will not agree to that match until Volador Jr. beats him first.

Romero spoke backstage With mas lucha for winning the championship. Azucar has a desire to take the CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship around the world to defend it in NJPW, AEW, ROH, RevPro and wherever else he wants.

CMLL has a very good feud between Romero and Volador Jr.. And Romero has proven himself to be Volador Jr.’s kryptonite. And the technico will have to dig deep to figure out a way to beat rudo. This set up for an epic hair vs. hair challenge in the future, possibly in the main event of the CMLL 90th Anniversary Show in September.

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