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Ronda Rousey ‘kind of sick of Charlotte’ and ‘that nickname’

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion is ‘considering taking over the tag division’.

Ronda Rousey successfully defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship this past Friday (December 30), then let the returning Charlotte Flair bait her to put her on the line for the second time. Her ego wrote a check she couldn’t cash, and seconds later, Flair celebrated her 14th major singles title win.

Usually, this scenario would be enough reasons to rematch. But not for Rowdy, at least according to what she told fans during a recent gaming broadcast on her YouTube channel:

“I don’t know, guys, I’m kind of tired of Charlotte. I’m tired of that title. I already did it, you know? I’m thinking of taking over the tag department.”

It’s a good thing he’s taken as a heel, despite Rousey’s past instances of “disrespecting work,” so she may have come under some criticism for devaluing the white and blue belt. It also probably doesn’t matter what Ronda says on her own time if WWE thinks there’s money in another Flair match – or just wants the now likable character Charlotte to get a more specific revenge for Rowdy kayfabe breaking her arm in May.

On the other hand, a tag run with Shayna Baszler is something even Ronda haters have been calling out for a while. Baszler has a lot of history as both women currently hold the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.


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