You are currently viewing Rousey’s path to the WWE Women’s Championship (and ‘Mania’) begins next week

Rousey’s path to the WWE Women’s Championship (and ‘Mania’) begins next week

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We heard Ronda Rousey would be back on TV last night (February 10), and she was.

Ronda is back smack down During a segment where Natalya was continuing her show with Shayna Baszler. They took a beat to stir up some tension between the MMA jockeys, and then Baszler & Rousey put the boots on to Nattie.

This was a setup for a tag match we’ll get to next week, where Ronda & Shayna will team up to take on Natalya & Shotzi. This will be Rousey’s first match since dropping the SmackDown Women’s Title to Charlotte Flair on December 30, but she doesn’t seem worried about rusting the ring.

And with this partnership becoming official, Rousey & Baszler are likely to report having a Women’s Tag Title match at WrestleMania 39 This is correct.

We’ll have to wait and see how they cross paths with current champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai (if the Damage CTRL duo makes it to ‘Mania with the belts’). Meanwhile, the Ronda & Shayna match is just one of the things WWE has booked for next Friday Judicial Department go home.

In addition to the murder of Madcap and the BIG MEATY BANGER, we will also deal with the ongoing Bloodline intrigue. Paul Heyman & Roman Reigns told Jimmy Uso to watch next week’s show on TV (because he’s going to see some things that way that he’ll miss while on the block… things like his brother J’s fistfight with Sami Zayn).

It sounds like a plan?

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