You are currently viewing Rumor Roundup: Wyatt’s plans, strained WWE talent, Rock’s Mania decision, more!

Rumor Roundup: Wyatt’s plans, strained WWE talent, Rock’s Mania decision, more!

Speculating on rumors surrounding professional wrestling is a favorite pastime of many fans, perhaps second only to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors sparked by the professional wrestling rumor mill.

Important reminder: rumors are just rumours. None of this has been confirmed as fact, it’s just circulating around the professional wrestling rumor mill. We track the accuracy of the rumors in a weekly feature called Rumor Look Back which you can find here. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.

Rumors of the day:

  • on me Observer Wrestling RadioDave Meltzer said that he thought it would be Bray Wyatt opposite Uncle Howdy in the series WrestleMania 39. He speculates that one reason for this is that the “big guys” don’t want to work with Bray.
  • Meltzer also believes there are a lot of people on the WWE roster who are nervous Vince McMahon will take back creative control: “He [Vince] He has a very different eye and mind for talent than Paul [Levesque, aka Triple H]and there are a lot of guys in whom Paul sees something that Vince doesn’t.”
  • He also said that Vince McMahon’s moves would have no bearing on whether The Rock works at WrestleMania. The sale may be to Saudi Arabia, but since no sale is likely to happen for months, Meltzer says Dwayne Johnson will only decide if he has the time.
  • Regarding WWE’s decision to retain Money in the bank at London’s O2 Arena instead of in the stadium as they did with the Clash in the castle in wales, Choose a fight I heard WWE wanted to ensure that last year’s edition of the event would be moved to a smaller venue. They also view O2 as “MSG [Madison Square Garden] England. “
  • Fightful was again told that there was no serious consideration given to getting rid of him Money in the bank as an independent event, and that its holding in London is intended to establish it as a “Big Five” event.
  • News about it will be blocked until February 1, however indoor games 2K Reports presents WWE 2K23’s footage Royal Rumble On January 28th.
  • Mercedes Moné has filed a trademark on the “CEO”.
  • Both David Bixinspan And Brian Alvarez Say Anna Jay was okay after the scary-looking powerbomb she did to Willow Nightingale last time frenzy.

If you’ve heard any interesting rumors that you’d like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Just remember that they are rumors and not confirmed as fact, so please take it as such. And check out the weekly rumors, look back here To track the validity of the rumors.

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