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Ryan Terry Diagrams His Ambitious 1,874-Calorie Mass-Building Protein Shake

Bodybuilder Ryan Terry entered the 2022 Olympia with hopes of a landmark victory. Unfortunately, while he brought his personal best to the stage, the Men’s Physique competitor and 2016 Olympia runner-up fell short, falling to seventh place. In the midst of an incredible off-season for this seasoned veteran, Terry recently revealed his unique strategy to try and recover from his disappointing Olympia result.

On January 29, 2023, Terry posted a video on his YouTube channel where he breaks down one of his obvious strategies for bulking and building mass. The recording shows the athlete walking what’s in his big (pun not intended) 1,874-calorie protein shake. could not be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: EASY MASS BUILDING SHAKE 1,800+ CALORIES!! (

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Here’s an overview of what Terry puts into this great protein shake:

Ryan Terry’s 1,874-calorie “Mass-Building” Protein Shake

  • Oats: 180 grams – 584 calories
  • Full Fat Milk: 300 milliliters – 198 calories
  • Organic honey: 40 grams – 135 calories
  • Nut Butter: 50 grams – 310 calories
  • Frozen Mixed Berries: 80 grams – 27 calories
  • Whey protein: two scoops – 200 calories
  • Two Bananas: sliced ​​- 220 calories
  • Cyclic Dextrin: two scoops – 200 calories

Total — 1,874 calories

Apparently Terry’s nutrition plan for protein shakes is the way to go. He seems to account for every step of the process, the way one would expect from an established bodybuilder who is attuned to the minute details of his fitness.

Terry added a couple of bananas with the benefit of a bevy of potassium. Then the oats he included showed a healthy amount of fiber. Elements like cyclic dextrin make up an easy ​​dose of digestible carbohydrates for the mix. Two scoops of whey protein – Terry’s favorite flavor is chocolate mint, in this case – add density and texture, as well as a critical nutrient for muscle growth, while frozen berries appears to be a source of antioxidants. Throwing in a combination of cashew butter, peanut butter, and almond butter is Terry adding the flavors he likes to this monster shake while breaking down the total calories from this rich source.

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Besides his 2016 Men’s Physique Olympia runner-up finish, Terry may be best known for individual victories at the 2015 Pittsburgh Pro, the 2017 Asia Grand Prix, and the 2021 Arnold Classic UK. Although winning these competitions is undoubtedly impressive, it is clear that Terry has goals set much higher during his long career: winning the Men’s Physique Olympia title.

A comprehensive nutritional benchmark like this massive protein shake is a demonstrative step in Terry’s preparation to achieve his long-term goals on that front.

Featured image: @ryanjterry on Instagram

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