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Sami Callihan shaves his head to join a violent cult


Sami Callihan took the first step to join a violent cult. He shaved his head to strip himself of his identity.


The haircut didn’t look very smooth, but it’s the effort that counts.

The story revolves around Callihan’s feud with Violent by Design, now known as The Design. Callihan gets tired of the hits, so he asks to join the group. Diner demanded Callihan shave every hair on his head as an act of goodwill. This scene was featured on Thursday night’s episode of Impact wrestling.

Deaner, flanked by Angels and Coon, called out Callihan to the ring. He explained that there is a process to join the design. The first step is to shave Callihan’s hair. Lights out, lights on. Callihan was in the ring with a baseball bat. After Diener’s prodding, Callihan handed the bat to Kuhn. The Angels set up a makeshift barbershop while Diner talks about Samson’s story. Callihan understood the message of tearing themselves apart to get stronger. Diner issued another warning. The whole process will be long, difficult and violent. If Callihan isn’t willing to see it through to the end, there’s no need to even start the process. Callihan was everything, so the Angels cut his hair short.

Callihan raised the tension the whole time. Grab a diner to get the job done faster. This was a TV clip after all. Callihan stops him to shave himself. Callihan nodded, and Denner smiled.

Diener hands a mirror to Callihan to see what he has become. Callihan snapped but regained his composure not to attack. Denner called the moment the Death of the Death Machine and the birth of Callihan.

In theory, this was an interesting chapter in the design story. Would look great as filler material for a future Abstract Highlight Pack. The actual execution as a long promotional scene in the ring was a bit on the boring side. Future steps in the process may be better presented as cinematic advertisements for tighter control of speed. Callihan tried to sell his uncertainty as an emotional tease if he went through with the process, but that representation failed for me. Denner ended strong with the closing sentence about the death of the death machine. That was a very nice soundtrack.

Did you feel the emotion of the death machine of death and the birth of Kalihan?

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