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Sami Zayn finally turns on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble


Early evening tonight (Saturday, January 28, 2023) Royal Rumble At a Premium Live event at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Roman Reigns made it clear he wanted Sami Zayn by his side all night, right up to and through his WWE Universal Title defense against Kevin Owens. Despite proving himself over and over again, Reigns refused to trust Zayn and wanted to keep him close.

It was here that he would take what Reigns called his “ultimate test”.

WWE promoted it with an impressive video package right before the match by calling it The Final Chapter.

How the hell is all this going to shake?

The referee bumped, demanding Reigns Zayn hand him a chair and Sami seemed conflicted before finally doing so. Owens recovered just in time to hit an incredibly close upset near the fall.

A short time later, Zane pleaded with Owens to stay down. He said several times “just finish it”.

Reigns sends the KO’s head over and over into the scores, causing Sami to watch him do it.

Finally, and fortunately, a spear in the middle of the ring and a three count, with Reigns defeating Owens to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

But this was not the end.

The Bloodline fully hit the scene, and before letting anything go, Reigns made Zayn watch The Usos put the shoes on for the already finished Owens. Then they put him in a corner with a chair around his neck and Sulu Sekua’s face in as well. The handcuffs then came out and Owens was tied to the top rope by both wrists.

He ate super kick after super kick after super kick. Michael Cole clearly states “I can’t even look, it sucks”.

And Sami is still watching.

Reigns grabbed the chair, and as he was about to drop it on Owens’ head, Zayn got in his way.

“That’s under you! You don’t need to do that. You’re better than that. You.”

So Reigns handed him the chair.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” Raines said.

“You should do it.”

Zayn didn’t want that. Raines provoked him. “He doesn’t care about you! He dragged you down from day one! He’s a broadcaster. I care about you! I love you!”

Zayn took the chair and raised it.

“Pull the trigger,” Raines shouted.

When he didn’t, Reigns shoved him in the face.

“You think it’s a game?!? This is my life!”

Then Reigns turned around to yell at Owens again.

So Sami did.

He hit Reigns in the back with a chair.

Ji Oso was devastated.

Jimmy Uso countered with a Superkick, a barrage of punches.

Solo Sequa threw Jimmy to get Sammy himself. The beating continued. Jimmy, Solo, and Reigns were there now, go to Zane.

But Gee was not there.

He stood in the corner with his head down, unsure. When his family asked him what he was doing, Gee slipped, left the ring, and slowly made his way down the long entrance corridor, his hands covering his mouth. He looked like he was crying or near him.

The rest of the bloodline continued their attack on Zhen.

The Alamodome let Reigns know how they felt about it all out loud.

“Damn you, Roman.”

Then they left.

Zayn lay in the ring, helpless. Still tied to the ropes, Owens was equally subdued.

Bloodline stopped for one last look at the ring.

Turn back.

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