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Sami Zayn is officially leaving The Bloodline

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Sure enough, he was beaten after breaking a chair across the tribal leader’s back Royal Rumble It was a very clear sign that Sami Zayn was no longer affiliated with The Bloodline. Zayn knew that doing anything to help Kevin Owens would be seen by Roman Reigns as a betrayal, and the end of his time as an honorary Uce.

But lest you think Zayn would appear on SmackDown Friday begging Paul Heyman for a chance at forgiveness from Reigns, Sami made it clear on Twitter last night that he’s leaving doggs in the rearview mirror.

A little dramatic for sure. But our guy Sam always had a little “angry teen” vibe in his personality, and it’s not like a lot of us didn’t feel like making major broken-heart type gestures after last Saturday’s PLE.

WWE Shop helps Zayn mark his fresh start with new merchandise, too.

Well, a fresh start. I don’t want anyone to forget his family ties before his rumored match with Roman V Judicial Department Now, we?

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