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Samoa Joe breaks down in tears as he remembers Jay Briscoe

Ring of Honor Wrestling on YouTube

Earlier today, a three-hour special ROH tribute to Jay Briscoe was made available for free viewing. on YouTube.

The show featured many interviews with wrestlers who talked about what Jay means to them, sometimes with personal stories to illustrate what kind of person he was. These memories are the highlight of the tribute show and are worth going out of your way to listen to. Some of the talent interviewed are Adam Cole, Eddie Kingston, Claudio Castagnoli, Matt Hardy, Christopher Daniels, Stokely Hathaway, and Austin Gunn.

The one interview that stood out the most for me was the Samoa Joe interview, which you can see in about 17 minutes of the show. Joe broke down in tears as he remembered Jay Briscoe with the following words:

“So, it’s rare that you meet truly exceptional individuals in your life. Authentic people. People who love with all their hearts, who embrace everything a million percent, who love unconditionally. And that’s what Guy Brissot meant to so many of us.”

As you know to fans, the Briscoe Brothers are just an unstoppable tag team that won’t be denied. But to us, the Briscoe Brothers mean something different. Because if you know Jay, or if you know Mark, they are your brother.

I was lucky enough to watch Jay grow from a wild kid who would do anything in the Northeast, to one of the best entertainers in the world, to an amazing father. I think it is best to summarize the cause of the severe pain. You know my brother was not born perfect, but he was full of love. And I think that’s why we’ll miss him the most.

I love you Mark. I love the Pugh family. I will pray for them girls to stay out of harm’s way. God bless you.”

If you haven’t already, scroll through the full tribute show to find out why there’s so much love in professional wrestling for Jay Briscoe.

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