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Santino Marella was revealed as Impact’s new Deputy Authority

Mamma Mia, Santino Marella reached the area of ​​influence. He also has some power to his name. Marella is revealed as the new Deputy Authority of Influence.

With Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore out of recovery after being catapulted through a table by Bully Ray, Impact needed an authority figure to handle business in D’Amore’s absence. Gail Kim teased that the new man in charge will be showing up at Hard to kill. This is where Santino comes in.

In the Impact Digital Media Championship competition, Moose cheated with a low blow. That set up a spear to pin Joe Hendry for a title change.

It was a treacherous way to win. Santino’s music hit as a surprise appearance. He was in full character with his Italian accent.

Santino declared himself the director of the authority. He even had an official badge. Impact had a huge celebration planned for Santino, but he couldn’t bear to say it. Kicking a man in the scrotum is disgusting. He hates cheaters, and Moose is the Sonna ma gun cheat. Santino’s first official action as DOA was to restart the match.

This did not bode well for the moose. Hendry won via a chokeslam spinebuster. Justice served.

Are you excited about Santino Marella’s influencer era? Even though Santino uses the same name from WWE, what’s the joke about the name change in the Area of ​​Impact?

Get full Hard to kill The results are here. PPV is available to stream through Fit TV.

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