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Seth Rollins on CM Punk Returning to WWE: Go Away, Cancer

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When CM Punk’s wrestling comeback began with his gig as spin-off host of the short-lived FS1 WWE behind the scenes In 2019, Seth Rollins frequently talked trash about his old co-worker.

It seemed like he was looking forward to being first in line if Punk decided to return to the WWE ring with “Never Say Never.” But this was when Rollins was defending his company against anyone he considered a WWE hater, whether that was a bot, a blogger, or someone who called himself the best in the world.

Nothing ever comes of it. behind the scenes It was canceled, and Seth’s “Stand Up for WWE” routine helped her achieve a heel turn, Punk went to AEW for a while… you probably know what happened there. Because of that, the possibility of Punk returning to the company he quit in 2014 is once again a moot point.

Punk’s Gripebomb label partner Nick Hausman asked Rollins about it at a Royal Rumble Weekend event, well… The Visionary’s haven’t developed any warmer feelings for Phil Brooks over the past four years:

“Oh Philly Phil, stay away. Get away from you, Cancer. Get away from me forever… Yeah, I don’t like Phil. I don’t like Phil—he’s an idiot. Did we just find out? Did we just find out?” Everyone in the room says. “Oh no, did he say that?” Yeah, no, he’s an idiot. Come on. We found it out there, we knew it here. I don’t want him back. Go do something else. Bye. Bye, see you later.”

Seth is a character here, but that certainly doesn’t mean he works. And there may not be a reason for this. Last we heard, Tony Khan wasn’t looking to let Punk out of his contract with AEW, and “Philly Phil” seems to be content calling mixed martial arts, taking acting offers, and updating his Instagram Story.

Let us know what you make of that soundtrack, Cagesiders.

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