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Sinister New Year’s Synopsis & Reactions: When Everything Falls Down

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The NXT Championship match ends in the smartest way possible while Roxanne Perez had not one, but two challengers for the championship.

Welcome back, boys and girls. Evil New Year It’s coming straight to you from the same place all NXT promotions come from, so let’s celebrate. Claire is your other party host the most, so, as always, pay attention to everything you write. Then come back here for some deeper context and meaning.

Let’s talk Evil New Year!

Of all the things I’ve seen this week, this is one of them

Well, that was lame as hell. The NXT Championship match between Bron Breaker and Grayson Waller ended horribly. I don’t give her many words because I’m going to get into an angry diatribe. But this is skinny.

At the start of the match, the middle rope broke away from the ring after Bronn collided with it. Grayson and Braun wrestled around him while the referees and ring crew put him back in his place. I didn’t think of anything at the time other than that they overbooked the game.

He fast forwarded to the end and entered the middle rope to play again. This time, Grayson tried to take advantage of the incredibly high knee. Bronn kicked in at second, sure, but he went down. Grayson climbed the middle rope, collapsed again, and fell out of the ring. And no, it wasn’t real because the ref started counting.

To make a ridiculous storyline short, Grayson lost the match by countout. this Many To protect Grayson and a terrible ending to the championship match. Bronn seemed dissatisfied, and Waller was furious. This was poor at best. Before the closing credits, Shawn Michaels announces a cage match between the two men at The NXT Vengeance, Which intrigues me a bit. That’s great for a few weeks from now but it’s horrible in the moment.

What’s funnier is that Booker T calls it a “frequently occurring anomaly.” The fact that it’s an anomaly means it can’t happen very often but I think WWE is redefining the word now because it happened twice in one match.

Toxic tie

I’m going to try something different here and just jot down some thoughts while watching. Rumble is pure clutter, so here’s an easier way to write:

Korra Jade is the first to go

Sol Ruca pulls Kofi with a handstand outside the ring showing incredible sportsmanship. If you can put her together in the ring, her range of moves and these natural gifts will take her a long way. I’m looking forward to her match with Albafire next week. That match, along with it being one of the last five shows NXT had high on it.

Toxic Attraction finished off Indi Hartwell, which hopefully has implications in the future.

Electra Lopez is frivolous. She was eliminated and then made sure Wendy Chu was eliminated after Wendy landed on her pillow.

Zoe Stark eliminated Nikita Lyons, who stalks and I appreciate the continuity.

The last four? Alba Fire, Toxic Attraction, and Valkyrie. Korra, returned to finish off Valkyrie, and Toxic Attraction finished off Alba. And with each woman for herself, that meant Gigi Dolin and Jassi Jayne faced the unthinkable: fighting each other.

At first, Jessie came forward as if she was doing her friend a favor. She almost walked out of the ring but Gigi yelled at her to stop. Jesse responded with a quick kick to Gigi’s stomach, and the two knocked her out. That is until they both fell out of the ring simultaneously.

After considering the instant replay, the umpires declared it a draw. Therefore, both women won. Of course, they had predicted this earlier in the night during an interview with McKenzie, so it wasn’t all that surprising.

good thing? We get a triple threat match where Roxanne will play mind games against both women and play them off of each other.


Loyalty is expensive

My feelings on Dijak are very clear. For those who don’t know, it’s a big meh. Perhaps that’s why the most compelling thing about his match with Tony D’Angelo was, well, Tony D’Angelo. Early in the match, Stacks took a big jab for The Don giving Tony an opportunity which he capitalized on. Dijak, realizing that Stacks was a problem, netted Tony’s right hand where he stayed for most of the match.

But after watching Tony take so much punishment, Stacks did what any loyal member of the family would do: he begged his boss to let him take another boss hit. That’s when Tony grabs Stacks and tells him he’s not the boss; is family. Tony kissed Stacks on the forehead, pushed him out of the way, and countered an incoming attack from Dijak for the L.A.

This is a Tony D twist and some nice work. The match wasn’t terrible either, but it means Dijak is now facing Wes Lee while the more interesting character isn’t facing him.


I was really looking forward to Indus Sher vs. Brothers Creed. Almost the same as Booker T. So they considered me apprehensive that Veer didn’t show up and instead had Jinder Mahal surprise Creeds with a sneak attack. And that was it. does not match. This thing they’ve been building for weeks hasn’t happened. I will live but I am in my feelings now.

Follow up

Julius Creed wanted a match with Jinder to avenge the beating and his brother. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t in the cards. Taking the L to a former WWE Champion isn’t a terrible thing at all for anyone in NXT. Also in favor of Julius is the fact that it was less than 100%. This was a good match, as Julius was very aggressive out of the chute, but couldn’t beat Jinder in his current state.

no boy

Well, Pretty Deadly fails the gauntlet test. Things started badly when their first opponents were The Rockers. No, not Sean and Marty, but Flyin’ Brian Williams and Jimmy Jackson’s Ladders. That was an easy way for Pretty Deadly, and New Day invited them to get their B.A. A new day has brought a real challenge in the form of Malik Blade & Edris Enofe. Malik and Driss gave the former tag champions some competition but it wasn’t enough. Briggs & Jensen was next…until they weren’t. Their music hit but the camera saw them banging backstage. So, of course, their attackers took their place.

Gallus is back.

Pretty Deadly didn’t want to be consistent with Gallus and immediately grabbed those hands and took L.

It appears that NXT set up a match between The Gallus and The New Day, although this was never the stated stipulation. A little more clarity at the end would help but at least we got a solid tag match out of this gauntlet.

In general, I am interested in this match as a whole. Gallus vs. New Day, though, can be really fun.


Tiffany Stratton is back! She was the obvious person behind that new happy countdown but clearly not a bad thing in this case. Her promo was a little rough. I’m not sure if her lines were forgotten, thrown out by the crowd, or just planned that way, but she seemed a little lost in the middle of it.

After she showed up, we got a bizarre paparazzi-style clip in the parking lot. Some katana cam cats congratulated Chance and Kayden Carter on being the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion. While the two entered the building, Tiffany left the building. The paparazzi tried to ask her a question when she went to her car, but she refused to answer. Well, yeah, it felt pointless.

nice try

Hank Walker did his best but was defeated by Charlie Dempsey. as it should. Hank still looks promising, while Dempsey is fierce.

Big strong comeback

Tyler is back next week!

his dinner

Carmelo Hayes found himself a restaurateur and bookrunner. He made fun of Apollo’s ruse and while it was certainly insulting, it didn’t go as far as I wanted to make it really funny. Even with Trick Williams swinging a luchador mask to see the world through the eyes of an Axiom, it felt good about two guys who usually kill whatever they do. Like most Evil New YearIt wasn’t a complete loss by any means but it was simply average.

Later, Axiom and Apollo discuss joining forces. Which, of course, is the right move.

This wasn’t a horrible show but it wasn’t great either. It was just there in the background. The rumble was fun because the rumble is usually always fun, but there wasn’t much in the show that got me excited. Or distract me from all the gossip going on behind the scenes with WWE. It was an average show that left me wanting a lot of locations, with some bright moments scattered throughout.

Grade: c

This is my degree and I stick to it. Your turn.

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