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SmackDown recap and reaction: Get that trick

The big question is coming Friday Night SmackDown This week in Memphis, Roman Reigns reacted exactly to Sami Zayn losing to the team of John Cena and Kevin Owens last week. We didn’t have to wait long to find out, as The Bloodline opened the show tossing furniture before the man himself showed up to make his feelings clear.

As expected, he was furious.

He was angry about losing, but he found a creative way to explain it like a real madman – his shoulders weren’t strapped in, so he didn’t lose. No, this is Zayn, who made the huge mistake of getting shot and then not keeping his promise.

“Do you think it’s me?”

This supported the idea that Reigns is growing to despise Zayn’s formerly charming enthusiasm for his position in the group, now that he has become too British to act and fails to achieve victory while doing so. It doesn’t matter if Roman’s affair is real or imagined, there is now enough smoke to know that a fire has been lit and with no signs of being put out, the big boom is coming sooner rather than later.

When is that?

Kevin Owens hit the scene to interrupt Chastising Sami Zayn by tribal leader Roman Reigns and challenged the eventual leader of Bloodline to a match for his title at the Royal Rumble, a challenge that was quickly accepted with a wave of his hand. Reigns is tired of all this and is ready to put Owens aside forever.

Now we have a date for that.

As it turned out, later in the evening, Reigns brought Zayn back again and apologized for his broadcast in front of everyone. It seemed like a big confession from the captain of the crew, charging himself the same way he would those below him, but the player didn’t come around for long — Heyman revealed that they had a match booked between Zayn vs. Owens for next week.

As always, the main processor is just pulling threads.

What will happen if Zain loses next week?

They sure know how to keep us updated.

all the rest

  • Santos Escobar beat Kofi Kingston in a singles match thanks to a lot of interference from Legado del Fantasma. This followed a backstage argument before the tape where Escobar promised to remove Kingston from the Royal Rumble. It was a good match.
  • Scarlett wrestled her first match in WWE, teaming with her husband, Karrion Cross, in a mixed match against Emma and Madcap Moss. This came after Emma badly bumped Scarlett in the face two weeks earlier for calling Moss an “idiot”. Babyface’s team barely put up a fight, as Kross took down Moss and Scarlett tracked him down by putting one of Rey Mysterio’s masks on him. The message was clear. time is passing.
  • I love that Charlotte Flair was flooded with “Thank you Charlotte” chants just for snatching the title away from Ronda Rousey last week. Fans are happy about this, for a variety of reasons, and WWE is using that to their advantage, as they should. It will probably be forgotten later, but for now we’re free with Rousey at the top of the card. Instead, Sonya Deville stepped on the scene to call Flair a liar for playing the kid and Memphis responded by asking Charlotte to “shout out to that stunt.” So I did. All of this was great.
  • She was supposed to debut Lacey Evans with her new gimmick last week, she didn’t even mention it, and then she just started playing her vignettes again this week. Some things change, and some things stay the same, I guess.
  • Ricochet gained entry to the Royal Rumble by essentially crushing Top Dolla, and was then beaten by Hit Row for his troubles. Braun Strowman hit the scene to get away from them. Hit Row continues to look awful and it’s hard to see a logical future for them anymore, even with their part here to play.
  • The Usos defeated Sheamus & Drew McIntyre to retain the Tag Team Titles. This was a good match that would have been great if she had more time. There was interference from Solo Sikoa, of course, and even with Ridge Holland and Pete Dunne in there so The Usos could still cheat their way to victory. This was always going to happen to him, but I wouldn’t mind a rematch at the Royal Rumble with more time to work with. Banger after sausage after sausage and all that.

Another solid effort from the blue brand.

Grade: B+

Your turn.

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