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SmackDown recap and reactions: Signing an amazing contract

Roman Reigns has arrived Friday Night SmackDown This week is terribly unhappy with Sami Zayn’s response to last week and the way things have turned out.

Zayn, for his part, has admitted he’s annoyed he’s going to do the job himself – that job “destroys Kevin Owens” – but the rest of The Bloodline has stalled.

Reigns was even more miserable when Zayn went to him to bridge the gap, with Sami admitting he didn’t like not knowing the plan. This, of course, angered Reigns, who feels no obligation to make an honorary member of the team aware of his decision-making process.

This led to Zayn’s dismissal, with an uncertain future.

That was until Paul Heyman, the wisecrack, suggested a more tactical, less emotional approach. “Maybe it’s better if he’s inside the castle than he’s peeing outside.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

Reigns responded by taking his advice, and settling with Zayn by talking it out. He came out very sane, dare I say honesty in his words. But, in his previous conversation with Heyman, we know he’s doing the very thing Zayn fears, the same thing Owens has been saying all along.

Raines uses it.

Zayn still didn’t want to believe it. He seems very happy any time he gets the approval of the chief of the tribe. It makes me think The Bloodline should turn on him, rather than Zayn going off on his own.

Either way, they settled down and Reigns sent Zayn to do some menial tasks while he walked out with Solo Sekua to sign the contract with Owens. Saeed’s signature wasn’t one thing – the KO surprised everyone, attacking from behind, hitting Reigns with a Stunner and then a pop up powerbomb. He outsmarted everyone in The Bloodline before Zane hit the scene and watched him escape.

You can only imagine how this plays out with Reigns. The entire crew was scheduled for RAW XXX in just two days.

time is passing.

I really liked that WWE has really taken advantage of each of the tag team they have on the blue brand to put together a full eight team championship to fill out their bracket. It eliminates the biggest problem I’ve always had with the way Triple H likes to find new challengers for the title – a single multi-person match rewards those who did nothing to earn their place.

This is not the case with the tournament, where entry is only an opportunity to prove yourself worthy. You have to win a series of matches, which gets you ready for the final shootout for titles. You can’t always get into a tournament, but it works really well when you can.

I also love that they decided to do the entire first run in one show. It put extra focus on the championship itself, and therefore the prestige of the SmackDown tag team titles, something they’ll have to work to do if they fire them like they seem to be planning to.

Well done decision here.

To matches:

  • Drew McIntyre and Sheamus defeated The Viking Raiders in a good fight. Everyone looked fine here.
  • He cheated Hit Row, consistent with his recent heel turn, to defeat Los Lotharios in a match for nothing. There’s no reason to think they’ll be anything but fodder for McIntyre and Sheamus, who they’ll face in the semifinals.
  • Imperium defeated The Brawling Brutes while looking relatively cool in the process. That amazing Giovanni Vinci hitting BUTCH with the outside was unbelievable.
  • Legado del Fantasma totally ran through Maximum Male Models, which, let’s be real, they definitely must have.

This puts The Banger Bros vs. Hit Row and Imperium vs. Legado del Fantasma in the semi-finals. It seems obvious what the final will be like, but I still greatly appreciate that you followed this path to get us there.

all the rest

  • The way they talk about Raquel Rodriguez, including making sure to note that she will have 30 of her family members in the building to watch her Royal Rumble debut, it kind of sounds like they have a big plan for her, right? How will we feel about it?
  • Let me talk to ya! LA Knight’s rules are very tough. This guy cut a 45 second promo that talked me straight into the building for a match against Bray Wyatt. This is not an easy thing to do guys. I sincerely hope that whatever happens with this feud, Knight comes out of it okay. He deserves it more and more.
  • Meanwhile, Firefly Fun House is back in this show. Wyatt and all his puppets are back to do their thing. Uncle Hoody appears via video and says “I told you so… All you need is a little nudge.” White said he hoped he was happy, even though he was talking to Knight. Whatever comes next comes to his head. Maybe the villain will come next. At this point, we have completed a full cycle. Again, at this point, I just want Knight to get out of this without tarnishing his name.
  • Braun Strowman announced the Royal Rumble with a standard backstage promo. Not much, but it’s reasonable to expect the start of another push for him there.
  • Charlotte Flair is a gorgeous heel but how far will she run as a babyface? They gave it a show with Sonya Deville, who is arrogant and power-hungry, working desperately to regain her position at the top of the ladder. Here, Flair tried to be the fighting champion she was promised but Deville played her up, then shot her cheap, and came to the rescue. It will take some work to make Flair a sympathetic character, and that was evident by the end of this one. But fans still seem to want to cheer her on. We’ll see how things develop.
  • More Lacey Evans vignettes, which I’m not sure will pop up again.
  • Shayna Baszler will be at the Royal Rumble, and be sure to tell us that she’s going to hurt some people before eliminating them. It must be fun!

This was a very good offer.

What do you think about that?

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