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Some Dusty Rhodes / Paul Heyman / Roman Reigns history to consider

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Last night (February 6) on rawCody Rhodes and Paul Heyman reminded the wrestling world that while we are all really excited about Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns at Judicial Department Next weekend…the main event is on WrestleMania 39 It’s Cody vs. Roman.

The part for which they received much praise focused on Dusty, Rhodes’ father, who was also a mentor – and at one point an employee – at Heyman’s company. Since they used their history to build up their future title match, many of the former items have been circulating around the wrestling network today.

in Appearing in 2015 on the WWE Network Stone Cold PodcastHeyman gave Dusty credit for unleashing his venerable pitching skills:

“It goes back to the lesson I learned from Dusty Rhodes… when I was first in WCW… Sting, and there’s Kevin Sullivan, and there’s the Road Warriors—I mean, man, you’re just talking about a whole bunch of guys who can really cut shows.” promotional.

And there’s Jim Cornette, and I was a fan of Jim Cornette. Cornette had his promo somewhere in the middle of the show, and I thought I’d get the next part and Dusty switched it. It was just a suite, and I had about four minutes.

“I’ve done everything. I’ve imitated everyone on the roster, I’ve talked about everyone else’s match, I’ve tried to set everything up, I’ve run around the podium – I’ve done everything I could do except speak in tongues to get people’s attention so you don’t dare click that connection. And I’m done with it.” With some silly words so people would say, you know, “Oh, that was so sweet of what you said.”

“I stepped back, and I thought, ‘Man, I’m a superstar. I’m Paul E. Dangerously, I’m the greatest promo ever!’ And Dusty looked at me and said, ‘Thank you, boy.’” That was very, very interesting. But the question I ask you is, where is the money? I never sold Starrcade.”

Heyman & Cody remembered last night’s WrestleMania sale, but not before referring to another part of history. They told most of the story on raw, but in case you were wondering what bad American Dream did to Paul in ECW in 2000? It started with that, facing then ECW World Champion (now WWE NXT trainer and producer) Steve Corino in the Guilty as charged:

Fast forward to about 2010, and Dream is doing a job not unlike what Corino is doing now. Dusty’s work with Reigns at WWE Developmental gave Heyman a “nice” line to end his promotion for Cody at raw: “In my last conversation with your dad, he told me that you, Cody, were his favorite son. But Roman Reigns was the son he always wanted.”

The American Nightmare brought it back to the “money,” doubling down on their pledge to take the titles to Reigns at SoFi Stadium the weekend of April 1-2 now that Heyman has made their case “personal.” Paul’s line put him to do this, and based on Interview given by Roman to ESPN before WrestleMania 38 Last year, there was a grain of truth. Dusty saw “money” in the young Roman:

“This is a billion dollar industry. When I was making $500 a week in FCW — pre-NXT development — I did a promotion for Dusty Rhodes. I don’t remember all of it, but I pretty much said, ‘I’m shelling out for a billion dollar check.'” And he was. Everyone looks at me like, “What a madman, this guy is crazy. What is he talking about, it’s a billion dollar check?

“dream [Dusty] knew exactly. Everyone – at the time, they were my classmates, and they had no idea what was going on. Now they are under me. A dream at the time—Hall of Famer, bonafide draw, someone who drove the business forward—he understood what I was talking about. And what in ten or eleven years – look what’s going on here. So when it comes to being a Hall of Famer, and being a legend in this game, my work speaks for itself.”

Are you ready for the next chapters of this story to be told?

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