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Strongman Tyler Scott Obringer Axle Pressed A Massive 192.8 Kilograms (425 Pounds)

At this point in time, Tyler Scott Obringer remains a relative unknown in power sports. He has a limited competitive history and has never been someone to step into the limelight. Even if there are potential rising stars (or fiery comets), it is sometimes difficult to predict when exactly they will run across the sky. Judging by his latest earth-shattering display of power in the gym, it may be time to keep an eye on Obringer’s various exploits in 2023.

On January 29, 2023, Obringer shared a video on his Instagram where he was able to successfully lock a 192.8-kilogram (425-pound) Axle Press. The athlete’s loaded barbell features large Apollon Wheels – named after Louis Uni, aka “Apollon the Mighty,” a man who became world famous for his ridiculous strength in the late 1800s. Obringer wore a lifting belt, wrist wraps, and elbow sleeves, and he used a thumbless “suicide grip” to complete this massive lift.

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Obringer’s lift is not a traditional strongman movement, as many competitions tend to implement an Axle Clean and Press rather than a one-rep Axle Press on its own. That being said, the sheer weight that Obringer presses above is within shouting distance of some of the greatest in history.

According to Strength ResultsObringer’s 425-pound Axle Press will be logged as the 16th heaviest of all time if he finished cleaning his bar first. Current Axle Press World Record holder Cheick “Iron Biby” Sanou has the highest mark with a 217-kilogram (478.4-pound) press from the 2021 Giants Live Strongman Classic. Former 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Eddie Hall (216 kilograms/476.2 pounds) and four-time WSM winner (2009-2010, 2012, 2014) Žydrūnas Savickas (215 kilograms/474 pounds) round out the top three Heavily Clean & Presses in history, respectively.

Athletes just ahead of Obringer include two-time WSM runner-up (2018-2019) Mateusz Kieliszkowski (195 kilograms/429.9 pounds) and 2020 WSM champion Martins Licis (195 kilograms/429.9 pounds), whose lifts puts them in a five-way tie for eighth all-time.

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Per Strongman Archives, Obringer has only one strongman competition to his name at this point in time, the 2022 Official Strongman Games, where he finished in 10th place. According to Open Powerliftingthe athlete has also competed as a powerlifter in the past, perhaps most notably winning the 2019 Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) Slingshot Record Breakers in the 110-plus kilogram weight class with wraps.

A recent Instagram post implies that Obringer is trying his hand at a Giants Live competition in 2023, even though he hasn’t qualified for one yet. If the competitor finds himself throwing weights around with some established elite strongmen in an official capacity, it might not be hard to see him improve.

Featured image: @tylerscottobringer on Instagram

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