You are currently viewing Tali Blanchard talks about a somewhat “complicated” exit from AEW/ROH

Tali Blanchard talks about a somewhat “complicated” exit from AEW/ROH

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WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard was a standout on AEW television for the promotion’s first two years. Jockey Shaun Spears trapped first, then FTR, with Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s Pinnacle group in the process.

He was “fired” by Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler early last year as part of a Top Guys fronting role. Blanchard then appeared on TK’s first Ring of Honor PPV in April as Brian Cage’s manager, but the next time we saw the group referred to as “Tully Blanchard Enterprises” led by Prince Nana they went by the old “Embassy” name. Reports surfaced shortly afterwards that Tully was no longer working for Tony Khan and was done with both brands.

while appearing with Arn Anderson On the The Two Man Power Journey of Wrestling PodcastBlanchard confirms he’s done with AEW and ROH. He doesn’t go into specifics, but it looks like it wasn’t just about his contract.

“I no longer work for AEW or Ring of Honor or any of their affiliates. That sounds pretty legal, right? I imagine my wrestling career might have ended other than doing autograph shows and things like we did in Nashville. I don’t know how many retirement matches, recent matches, [Ric] Taste can be…

No, it was a little more complicated than that [his deal expiring]But my contract is over and done with.”

He later said that he didn’t think WWE or AEW would bring him back, and asked “Where else are you going but those two places?”

Blanchard says he turned down a spot on Ricky Steamboat’s last match, and he doesn’t seem thrilled that he’s working with FTR against Jurassic Express in 2021, either.

“Personally, I prefer my last match – unfortunately AEW talked me into one, but before that – most of my matches, I think I only wrestled six or seven times after my full-time career, and people’s memories of me, me & Arn and the Knights in those days when I really can do it. I can’t do it anymore. I was asked to have one last match with Ricky Steamboat and I said, ‘I’m not going to embarrass myself and go out there and not be able to do what I used to do.’ Just watch the videos.”

When asked the always popular question of whether younger wrestlers in the AEW locker room ever asked him for advice, Tully said “Not at all”. He didn’t seem too fazed by it, though, instead, he wrote it off to several newcomers who weren’t even born when he was a star with The Four Horseman and The Brainbusters.

Doing this work is also something Blanchard seems to think would be good for his controversial daughter. When asked for an update on Tessa*, Tully said he hopes she stays in school and gets her education.

*The interview was recorded in front of Tessa Blanchard and her husband, Daga announce their separation.

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