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The 73-year-old Mike Jackson wrestled for the X-Division Championship in Impact

Age is nothing but a number. Mike Jackson may be 73 years old, but his spirit is ageless. Jackson competed against Trey Miguel for the X-Division Championship on Impact wrestling.

The match was set up last week when Trey was disrespectful to Ashley d’Amboise in the locker room. Jackson aimed to teach Trey some manners with the gold on the line.

The tape story in the age division was Trey at 28 and Jackson at 73.

If Jackson can win the X-Division title, he will be the oldest champion by 10,233 days. This is 28 years and change. Frankie Kazarian currently holds the honor of being the oldest X-Division Champion when he won the belt last year at the age of 45.

Tree did not back down from disrespect. He mocked Jackson’s age by simulating his entrance on a treadmill. Trey also used the handshake as a trick to land a sucker punch to the jaw. Mathieu Ryholt’s reaction to the comment was orgasmic.

Jackson found his groove flaring up with back elbows, clotheslines and neckbreakers.

Jackson worked on his arm to soften Tree up for an old-school tightrope walker. Jackson traveled both sides of the ring, much to the crowd’s delight, before Trey pulled him to the mat. That was the turning point. Trey kicked him into high gear with a series of back stomping and jumping jabs. The fun ended with a spiral lightning strike for Trey to keep.

Although Trey was never in danger of losing, that match was an interesting new show for Jackson.

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