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The AEW video game includes bloodstains, molotov cocktails, and butts

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It seems like it takes forever AEW: Fight Forever A video game to be released on PC and home consoles. But we have to get one step closer to launch day, when the game officially received it ESRB rating From T to fig.

Here’s an ESRB summary of what you can expect to see in this game:

This is a wrestling game in which players compete in matches with AEW-list wrestlers. Players use punches, kicks, and grappling maneuvers to drain their opponents’ health. In some match types (e.g., Barbed Wire, Stadium Stampede, and Unsanctioned) players can use barbed wire, baseball bats, and chairs metal and Molotov cocktails against opponents, eventually leading to submission and/or knockouts.Blood splatter effects can occur during matches, staining the mats.Video footage of real matches also shows blood on the faces and bodies of wrestlers.The game contains some material Moderately suggestive: female wrestlers in revealing clothing (eg, deep cleavage, bunny outfits, partially exposed buttocks); wrestlers performing sarcastic gestures (eg, crotch-cutting, butt-smacking) Real shots sometimes depict wrestlers drinking alcohol and smoking The word “sh*t” is heard in the game.

No word yet on whether AEW’s obsession with scissors should be taken out of the game to preserve the teen rating.

Looking to block your partial ass while splattering your opponent’s blood all over the field at a Stadium Stampede match, then drink a little bubblegum after winning by burning them to a crisp with a Molotov cocktail?

Let us now if the ESRB rating and summary change your expectations AEW: Fight Foreverand be sure to hear the word “sh*t” somewhere in your comment, Cagesiders.

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