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The Banger Bros are no longer going after anyone in WWE ‘Bang Bros’

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We suppose it was just a matter of time.

While Sheamus & Drew McIntyre clearly knew what they were doing when they started calling themselves Banger Bros., a new report from Wrestling Newsletter He claims their bosses in WWE didn’t. And now that the top companies in Stamford, Connecticut have found out why everyone laughed when the Celtic warrior tweeted things like this…

… No longer Banger Bros.

Yes, Dave Meltzer writes that although it took longer this time around, the same thing happened with Paige, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch in 2015 for “Banger Bros” in 2023. Those responsible for the Bang Bros porn found out and scrapped the name Because of its similarity to that non-PG brand.

The question is if you thought WWE just learned about the Bang Bros – whose videos feature amateur performers in explicit sex scenes, some of which take place in a mobile “Bang Bus” studio? Or are they letting Sheamus & Drew have some fun (and maybe show up in the search results of people who go online for one of its true purposes) for as long as possible? After all, this is not the case of Gunter Stark. Googling “Banger Bros” is sure to give you a page full of links to PornHub and similar sites.

Either way, only one reference to Banger Bros. still appears on file Search for WWE dot com. And if their official Twitter account used the name or hashtag, then those tweets deleted.

Sheamus and Drew will have more sausage. But not, it seems, like Banger Bros.

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