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The Bellas were not happy with Raw XXX’s treatment of the women’s development

At one point during the promotion of Raw XXX, The Bella Twins were among the legends scheduled to appear on WWE’s 30th Anniversary edition of their Monday Night show.

But the episode came and went last night (January 23) with no signs of Hall of Famers (they were referenced in Charlotte Flair’s promo). PWInsider reports Nikki and Brie traveled to the Northeast this past weekend, but they’re doing a Broadway show in Manhattan instead of working for WWE in Philadelphia.

After their theatrical excursion on Monday (morning on evil, per Insider), the Bellas were hoping for Instagram Live. This clip of the twins criticizing WWE for failing to celebrate the evolution of women, specifically mentioning Mercedes “Sasha Banks” Moné and Saraya (fka Paige) was widely shared throughout the wrestling network:

Nikki: Another good memory on Raw. How come they didn’t show anything of women’s development?

Brie: but also the way we presented our matches there.

Nikki: Because Sasha Banks is in it and they’re like, “We can’t…

Brie: Bellas, there are a bunch of us.

Nikki: Mercedes is so over, we can’t say its name.

Brie: There are two other girls, and Ria, there’s a bunch of us who don’t want to show it. this is good.

Nikki: this is good. When you do what they don’t want to do…

Briekisa: That’s not what you don’t do. That’s what you do.

We’ll likely hear more about what led up to this feud between WWE and two of the most iconic female talents of the last 15 years. Meanwhile, the first episode of Nikki Bella says I do A four-part reality series about Nikki’s marriage to her Dancing with the stars Partner Artem Chingvintsev – Premieres Thursday on E!

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