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The best wrestling storyline has made the Royal Rumble rankings difficult

After all WWE PPV An excellent live event, we’re asking you all to rank every match of the show using the star rating system made famous by Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer.

The results from Royal Rumbleone of the most popular WWE shows of the year, and the beginning of the road to WrestleMania 39. Below you’ll see how the small angle of the wrestling network rated what happened in the ring on Jan. 28 from San Antonio — and how our subjective scores compare. to Meltzer.

Many have asked “Why Dave?” , which is clear to me. Love it, hate it or not care about it, The Observer’s star rating is the proverbial industry standard. No one else is being tracked by wikipedia And other web outlets. You can not Place bets online On what scores will other critics give big matches?

But in order not to make it all about Meltz, we’ve added another fan-voted rating into the mix – this one. From Kagematch. This site uses a ten-point scale, so we’ve halved its ratings to make comparison easier.

This is what it all looks like:

The lowest scores in all three systems went to the non-main event singles matches. Both scores confirm something we knew but forgot about in the nearly two years since we rated things involving Bray Wyatt – our community includes some people who really enjoy things involving Bray Wyatt. Or maybe they like to watch the world burn? Same difference?

While the majority of wrestling fans love them, Rumble matches are inherently difficult. Even the best ones have lulls or stories and locations within them that aren’t for everyone. The 2023 men’s match seems to have been a little better received than the women’s version, but people seem to have enjoyed both this year. Besides, no matter how much you care about star ratings in general, I wouldn’t waste a lot of time digging any deeper into these two scores.

With the main event – which was the highest rated in two of the three systems and also won the ‘Match of the Night’ poll right after the show – things get interesting. Meltzer separately scored the post-match angle (giving it five stars), and many commentators (and Kajmatch) indicated they would have liked to have done the same. We probably should have, but we haven’t in the past. The angle doesn’t happen without congruence either.

Anyway… if you were to average Dave’s ratings for Match and Angle, he would have given it a 4.25.

For the average overall view, we added the observer’s rating of the post-game stuff as the sixth “match”. Whichever way you slice it, Last Saturday’s show had among the lowest ratings of all in the past year — showing that star ratings don’t necessarily attract public fun, especially for a show like Royal Rumble 23 where almost everyone’s favorite thing happened outside of a match.

Here is our summary of these rates for all of WWE’s PLEs over the past 12 months:

Do Cageside community reviews match your own? Any final thoughts on Royal Rumble?

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