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The Dark Order’s recruitment drive continues

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Don’t have time to catch up on all the AEW content online? do not worry. We’ve got you covered with AEW Rewind, which will take you back through social media and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night. dynamite.

This week’s “The Road To” featured Jon Moxley vs. The Hangman Page, Darby Allen vs. Samoa Joe for TNT, Jed Cargill vs. Red Velvet for TBS, Bryan Danielson vs. Timothy Thatcher, plus a special package celebrating Mark Briscoe defeating Jay Fatal in honor of Jay Briscoe. This video is full of good ads that build motivation.

Mark Briscoe credits his faith in God with helping him carry on after the sad death of his brother. Jesus is available to everyone who wants to change their lives. Jay Briscoe knew that, and it comforted Mark.

Moxley was sure that he would decisively beat the executioner in the rematch, but this did not happen. Executioner’s lariat packs a punch to Mox’s throat. This was the first time in AEW that Moxley felt like he was being beaten. No one in AEW has ever pulled it off that way. The loss motivates Moxley to a rubber match. He has a lot of weapons, strategies and game plans to win. Moxley will show the world the difference between a lucky strike and the best wrestler in the world.

Allen wanted Joe on fair terms, so he advocated a no-holds-barred reservation. Allin will not need Sting for protection. This rivalry will end forever. There are no rematches regardless of who wins. Red Velvet originally joined the Baddies, because she thought it was about empowerment. Velvet notes that the Baddies idea is turning into Jade’s show. Velvet knew she had to make a stand, so she went her own way.

Danielson doesn’t care about dislocating his shoulder. Life is suffering, and he is ready to suffer. Danielson knows Thatcher will target his injury, so beating Thatcher would show he would have no problem beating MJF. Danielson believes that suffering can lead to the joy of success.

Sonjay Dutt has alleged that Hollywood authorities have sent a cease and desist notice to use the Golden Globe.

Touching interesting nuggets from Height And darkClaudio Castagnoli successfully retained the ROH World Championship against Blake Christian by delivering the Giant Swing. Konosuke Takeshita defeated Angelico. Former ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor was in the dark to pick up the tag team victory with JD Griffey. Arn Anderson trained Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr. to victory in their first match in AEW as a team over Dean Alexander and Rosario Grillo. In a way, you could say Anderson & Pillman beat the Young Bucks, since Alexander & Grillo are BTE’s Young Bucks backup a bit.

Mark Sterling explained the corporate synergy between clients Tony Ness and Ari Daivari together. Too bad they walked out and lost to Top Flight.

Athena was in need of a tag team partner to wrestle Yuka Sakazaki and Sky Blue. He turned to Diamante by offering him a carrot for a future ROH World Women’s Championship title if they won. Unfortunately for Diamante, they went missing. This is a funny scene with both Athena and Diamante’s sparkling personality.

Sakazaki was building momentum towards a title fight with Athena. She was also approached by the Dark Order to recruit, but things got lost in translation. Sakazaki replied, “Hi.” This word means “yes” in Japanese, but it sounds like “hello” as in “hello.” The Dark Order didn’t pick up on that and was left thinking they didn’t care.

The Dark Order’s recruitment attempts didn’t stop there. On BTE, John Silver and Alex Reynolds had an idea to generate interest. They made a conference call, chanting, “Wassup!” Mark Sterling, Daddy Magic, Ryan Nemeth, RJ City, Dalton Castle, Marina Shafir, Takeshita Konosuke, Jerry Lynn, Luther, Serpentico and Danhausen joined in the fun. Evil Uno ruined everything by saying the grammatically appropriate phrase like, “What’s up?” Everyone hung up in that arena. So close and so far for the new members of the Dark Order.

Plus Dark Order Deceptions, Song of Reach For The Sky, Boy – Being The Elite Ep. 333 Young Bucks was featured in a travel and photo montage. They won Fightful’s Vlog of the Year award and presented the trophy to Brandon Cutler for his hard work. The title of the episode was based on Mark Briscoe’s tribute match to Jay Briscoe. Behind the scenes footage and match highlights were broadcast.

The Dark Order were the most recent guests on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! EW. Topics of conversation included the benefits of anonymity for Evil Uno’s personal life without wearing his mask, Alex Reynolds not having a Wikipedia page, John Silver being the best kisser in AEW, and recreating a scene from The Phantom of the Opera. I regret to inform you that RJ has not joined the Dark Order.

We’ll close with Merch. AEW has released a handful of New shirts. What caught my eye the most was the Blackpool Fight Club. If there was ever any doubt about AEW’s plans for Bryan Danielson still on the set, this sketch should answer that. Danielson is front and center.

Now is as good a time as any to make 24-hour buys and sells.

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