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The effect provokes bringing in a new authority figure

Influence is a need for Chief Honshu.

After Scott D’Amore was blown through a table by Bully Ray last week, his executive vice president is off duty recovering from injuries.

During Thursday night’s episode of Impact wrestling, Gia Miller spoke with Gail Kim as a potential temporary replacement for D’Amore. Kim passed on the responsibility, because she’s been so busy with her life. However, Kim relayed that Anthem (Impact’s parent company) has chosen a manager for the Authority. This person will be revealed in Hard to kill PPV on Friday, January 13th.

Who could it be?

Dixie Carter would come as a shock. Jeff Jarrett would come as an even bigger shock, since he’s signed to AEW.

Looking through the Impact news, an interesting Hall of Famer comes up. Quoth the Raven, never.

Raven is scheduled to appear at the PPV and Fallout TV tapings this weekend. Raven as the new authority figure is not a lock. It could be included as a cameo presence that intervenes in Design’s hiring of Sami Callihan.

He who meditates is the temporary influence authority figure revealed in Hard to kill? I’m putting my money on Shark Boy. Give me, “Shell yeah!”

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