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The full list of women’s Royal Rumble wins

The women’s Royal Rumble 2023 match lasted 61 minutes and 8 seconds (61d and 08s).

A superstar’s stay time is the time that elapses between the point she steps foot in the ring and the time her feet hit the ground to signal her elimination. This does not include the time it takes for the star to make its way from the entrance ramp down to the actual ring.

The average time for the stars to stay in the women’s Royal Rumble 2023 match was 16m 08s and the average time to stay was 11m 51s. The median value is less affected by the outliers on either side.

Here is the full list of survival times for all 30 superstars:

  • 61 min 08 s: Rhea Ripley
  • 61h07s: Liv Morgan
  • 33m 14s: Asuka
  • 28pm55s: Piper Niven
  • 27m10s: Bailey
  • 26m 35s: Zoe Stark
  • 22 minutes 20 seconds: Dakota Kai
  • 20pm 49s: IYO SKY
  • 20m40s: Raquel Rodriguez
  • 17 minutes 44 seconds: Mia Yam
  • 15h30s: Xia Li
  • 14min 4s: Lacey Evans
  • 13 minutes 53 seconds: Michelle McCool
  • 13m28s: Shaina Basler
  • 11 minutes 58 seconds: Tamina
  • 11 minutes 43 seconds: Dana Brooke
  • 11pm 30s: Zelina Vega
  • 10m45s: Becky Lynch
  • 10m17s: Sonya Deville
  • 10 months and 12 seconds: Emma
  • 9 months, 16 seconds: Nikki Cross
  • 8m38s: Schotzi
  • 5m10s: Candice Larry
  • 4m50s: Andy Hartwell
  • 4 months and 34 seconds: Roxanne Perez
  • 3 months, 42 seconds: Tegan Knox
  • 3m 08s: Natalia
  • 1m 57s: Nia Jax
  • 0m37s: B Fab
  • 0min 5s: Chelsea Green

Each time listed should be displayed with a margin of error of about 2 seconds or so.

All survival times are listed in WWE website Fall within one second of the above times.

There was a one-second delay between the time Morgan’s body hit the ground to signal her elimination and when the bell rang to officially end the match. This extra second added to Rhea Ripley’s survival time. The WWE website did the same.

The average survival time of 16 minutes and 08 seconds is the third most in Royal Rumble history, behind only 1991 and 2009.

Nine of the 30 participants lasted for 20 minutes or longer, including the three members of Damage CTRL.

Going into this match, who could have guessed dodrop Will Piper Niven finish with the fourth highest survival time and close to 30 minutes?

Zoey Stark finishing with the sixth highest survival time is another shocker.

One of the most disappointing things about this match was that Becky Lynch spent approximately 7m 42s of her total remaining time (10m 45s) lying on the floor doing nothing after Damage CTRLing her over the announce table.

Only three women failed to survive at least two full minutes. This includes two women (Chelsea Green, Nia Jax) who were on their way back to WWE after being fired in 2021.

Green actually found a way to get it off faster here than in 2020 when it only lasted 0 minutes 12 seconds. Her survival time of 0 minutes 5 seconds is the worst ever in a women’s Royal Rumble match, breaking Liv Morgan’s record of zero and ten seconds from 2019.

Dana Brooke has competed in all six Royal Rumble matches since her debut in 2018. This year is the first time she has survived more than eight minutes.

Natalya also participated in all six Royal Rumble matches. This is the second time you fail to survive for at least 14 minutes.

Candice LeRae has now competed in three Rumble matches, but this year has been the worst time of her life. You have yet to survive for 10 minutes in a Royal Rumble match.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Which of the numbers above surprises you the most?

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