You are currently viewing The Gunns take on their father on their way to winning the AEW Tag Titles

The Gunns take on their father on their way to winning the AEW Tag Titles

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The long running storyline between The Acclaimed and The Gunns gave us the main event on the Feb. 8 episode of dynamite. The AEW World Tag Team Championship was on the line in a rivalry that became very personal, the mentor of Anthony Bowens and Max Custer and the father of Austin and Colten Gunn chose to walk out on this showdown.

The Champion entered with a rap caster targeting equal parts El Paso, the Texans crowd, and their rivals…

The crowd’s support initially gave The Acclaimed an advantage, but vocal tag tactics allowed The Gunns to isolate Platinum Max during a picture-in-picture break. Boyens eventually got the hot card, but his return hit a snag when he knocked out the referee.

Austin grabbed one of the belts to use as a weapon, which took out Daddy Ass. Billy tried to make sure his sons didn’t get away with it, but the Gunns proved willing to do whatever it takes when Colten took out his dad with a belt.

The technically acclaimed won a few more times after that, but the referee was too concerned to count to three anymore — or to do anything about The Gunns’ repeated cheating. Finally, another Colten Belt has left Bowens vulnerable to a detour, and we have new tag champions!

The cameras stopped awkwardly in the post-match scene, with the crowd in shock and the announcers noting that Austin and Colton barely celebrated their victory.

Do they still crave the father’s approval? We’ll see how those factors lead to a rematch, because after all those shenanigans you know, The Acclaimed will be pressing for one.

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