You are currently viewing The latest “Being The Elite” movie is “For Jay”

The latest “Being The Elite” movie is “For Jay”

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They already remembered their friend and collaborator Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh elsewhere. But for the first edition of being the elite A YouTube series since Pu’s tragic death last Tuesday, The Young Bucked has devoted the bulk of the show to talking about and honoring the late Ring of Honor Hall of Famer.

Nick and Matt Jackson and Brandon Cutler head out to the AEW Couples show on January 18 in Fresno, CA for the opening segment of the episode. They talk about not looking forward to wrestling, but are happy that they will be with so many other people who loved Briscoe. Matt says the show is voluntary for all talent.

After we saw footage of The Bucks’ match with Top Flight, which featured a Doomsday device in honor of Jay and his brother Mark, Matt & Nick talked about how distracting they all were. They were supposed to carry their newly won Triple Crown titles to the ring, but they simply forgot about it.

There are few criteria BTE Bits of comedy, then the episode ends with The Jacksons & Cutler being joined by Christopher Daniels on their post-show trip to South Cali. They talked about making a six-hour recording with the ROH special “Celebration of Life” filmed afterward dynamite & frenzy, and both CD and the Jacksons say they heard from Mark Briscoe via text. Jay’s younger brother and tag partner told them he watched the Bucks match dynamiteAnd make sure his old friends know he loves them.

Here is “For Jay”:

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