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The Mercedes Money debut was sold out in Japan

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Whatever plans New Japan & Stardom (or their partners in AEW and Ring of Honor) have for wrestler formerly known as Sasha Banks, they will continue to be in NJPW Battle in the valley. That Saturday, February 18, show in San Jose, California where Mercedes will face Muni KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship.

offer will Stream on Fite, which is good. Because as of last night (Jan 9th), Battle in the valley sold.

The place (Civic Auditorium) is not huge. WrestleTix reports It is currently configured to seat 2,152 people, but note that there are some limited supply sections that New Japan could open up to meet the additional demand. Per Wrestling ObserverNew Japan’s 2023 US premiere is likely to be heading to sell out anyway, but they’ve moved 600 tickets since Muni’s announcement last Wednesday.

The Mercedes vs. Kerry match is the only match booked for next month’s card. Wrestling Kingdom 17 However, main eventers Kazuchika Okada & Jay White have been promoting this event since it was announced last fall.

Is this a sign that investment in Sasha Banks will pay off in Bushiroad? We probably need more information to make this call, but it’s certainly better than if it had no impact on ticket sales.

Stay tuned.

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